10 Best Restaurants In Mississauga

If you are looking for the best restaurants in Mississauga, then you are right to post. With a population of more than 8 lahks, Mississauga is considered among the top 5 largest cities in Canada. There are many restaurants open in Mississauga. If you visit this city in Canada or meet your cravings, then here you need to read this article.

  1. Rick’s good eats

You find more than only good eats at Rick’s good eats. They serve you epic Punjabi Canadian fusion dishes here. Everything you get at this restaurant is made up of quality and fresh ingredients. They serve food from cheeseburger Punjabi to chicken butter mac N’ with cheese. They offer you frozen dishes that you can eat and heat yourself at home.

  1. Pho Ngoc Yen restaurant

Pho Ngoc Yen restaurant is considered as best Vietnamese restaurant in Mississauga. It is well operated and family-owned restaurant that serves you southern Vietnamese food you will not find anywhere in this area. You can enjoy delicious dishes like Oc Xa Cu, Bun Cha Oc buou, and Bun Nghe Ca Nuc Can Tho.

  1. Katsuya

Katsuya serves you delicious and crispy Japanese tonkatsu in a huge variety of signature sauces. If you do not try katsu before, then it is the best Japanese dish made for you to taste because it is made up of deep-fried and fresh meat. Mostly, the favorite dish of this restaurant is the Curry Katsu, but any of the Katsu options will meet your tastebuds.

  1. Daldongnae

Daldongnae is the best spot in Toronto that is famous for its authentic Korean BBQ. Here you get the taste of grilled meats. The menu boasts the la carte options, and they have various beef and pork cuts, like beef boneless and pork belly short ribs. They have set up 8 locations that you can access easily in Mississauga or another Chinese center.

  1. Gyubee Japanese grill

If you want to try Korean BBQ dishes, visit the Gyubee Japanese Grill restaurant. It is considered the all-you-can-eat restaurant that is in various spots across GTA, including the Mississauga area also. From sake steamed clam and miso pork belly, they have a variety of delicious grill dishes for you to taste.

  1. Goodfellas, wood oven pizza

If you want to try a new pizza, visit this restaurant in Mississauga. They provide you with an authentic wood-style oven with imported and fresh ingredients, along with Italian wines. From spicy diavola pizzas to classic Margherita, they have various food options.

  1. Bread and salt Afghan cuisine

If you want to taste traditional Afghan dishes, then this restaurant is a top pick for you in Mississauga. It comes with fun globe lights and cozy booth seating. Their couple’s combos and family platters are good to share, and they come with the top selection of sides and meats. If you are not able to share, then you can grab the wraps and rice plates here.

  1. Door fiftyfive

Hit up this cool, business-stimulated restaurant and bar in Mississauga for Southern-inspired fare and a tremendous selection of beverages. The Platter is perfect for sharing and springs with a number of house-smoked meats, cornbread, mac and cheese, thyme fries, and coleslaw. For beverages, you’ll locate an in-depth choice of signature cocktails, beer, and wine, in addition to an epic selection of whiskies and spirits from around the sector.

  1. The Wilcox gastropub

Enjoy upscale Canadian delicacies with worldwide effects at this comfortable gastropub in Mississauga. From their Korean Fried Hen to their Wilcox Jerk to their Butternut Squash Gnocchi, you’ll locate loads of delicious fusion eats on the menu. To proportion, snatch their Cauliflower Fritters, Birria Tacos, or Tartare & Bone Marrow.

  1. Scaddabush Italian kitchen and bar

Scaddabush is become a chain of restaurants by opening up in Toronto and becoming a wide part. They have great food to serve you, including their 3-Cheese Truffle Charity Bread and Straight Up Meatball are both tremendous.


These have been some of the best Mississauga restaurants to go to. Afterward, prevent into one of all Mississauga’s great dessert spots for a candy treat.

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