Vegetarian restaurants in Canada

Do you want to visit the vegetarian restaurants in Canada? Whether you want to enjoy the best food day or night, there are many restaurants here for you. You can make your Canada visit worthwhile by getting the best experience from top-notch restaurants. If you are also one of those who want to try delicious vegetarian food, then you should read this article.

  1. Lady marmalade

Lady marmalade
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This restaurant is the famous restaurant as an all-day brunch spot. It serves the best eggs with a buffet breakfast. They use quality, locally produced meat, eggs, and ingredients that are perfect for vegan people. You can also order their spinach pies, cheddar, salads, cochita pebbles, sandwiches, and delicious dishes. You can also enjoy the best meal here in a refreshing and comfortable experience.

Address: 265 Broadview Ave, Toronto, ON M4M 2G8, Canada


  1. Bosk

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Bosk is an elegant Asian-inspired restaurant in Canada. The word bosk means small bush, which means it is not surprising that space merges with wood accents inside the restaurant. It provides a menu of various dishes that combine famous Asian cuisines and cooking styles to prepare the dishes in a delicious and luxurious way. Asian food consists the grilled beef filet, grilled salmon, pasta, beet salad, scallops, and exceptional dishes. Their menu boasts a delectable array of desserts with a beverage menu.

Address: 188 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5H 0A3, Canada

  1. Café parvis

Café parvis
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Café Parvis is a cool café in Canada that is situated in a quiet street in Montreal centre. It features charming interiors with plants, large windows, antique fixtures, old wood floorboards, and outdoor seating. This menu consists of an impressive snack selection, seasonal vegetables, salads, unique drinks, etc. if you want to enjoy the amazing services here, ensure to book it in advance and avoid the stressful experience.

Address: 433 Mayor St, Montreal, Quebec H3A 1N9, Canada


  1. Manousha Inc.

Manousha Inc.
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Manousha Inc. is a middle eastern restaurant that is an expert in serving manakish of all types with middle eastern dishes. The menu of manakish includes cheese, zaatar, meat manakish, spinach, with falafel kofta, dishes, grape leaves, sausage, and hummus dishes that are served with fresh pickles, bread, and salad. It is a popular restaurant that makes delicious kunada with pistachios.

Address: 6039 Erin Mills Pkwy Unit #6, Mississauga, ON L5N 0G5, Canada


  1. Aux Lilas

It is one of the best Lebanese restaurants that is come with a relaxed atmosphere and traditional décor that best fits groups. It provides many delicious foods, like baba ghanoush, hummus, falafel, kibbeh, smaosas, spinach pies, and tabbouleh salad. They also serve the main dishes like gills, shift tawook, kofta, mujadara, kebabs, etc. Moreover, it also serves salmon, shrimp, etc to its clients. In addition to these delicious dishes, it also provides middle eastern sweets like pudding and baklava, with fresh drinks and natural juices.

Address: 5570 Park Ave, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4H1, Canada


  1. Gregg restaurant

Gregg restaurant is a middle-class restaurant with traditional and simple décor, with a pleasant environment. It serves middle eastern cuisines, including hummus, appetizers, baba ghanoush, labneh, and many more. It also has the availability of delicious salads, fattoush, and amazing food for its clients. Along with the main dishes, there are many grill dishes are also available here, with burgers, rolls, fish dishes, shawarma, falafel rolls, etc.

  1. Omnivore

Omnivore is a middle and small Eastern restaurant that has a unique type of building with graphics that gives you lively characters to the outer building. It serves delicious oriental foods, including hummus, ghanoush, moussaka, kibbeh, etc. There are many grilled dishes served by this restaurant, including kofta, chicken kofta, along with fresh bread rolls.

  1. Zezafoun

Zezafoun is a Syrian restaurant that is popular because of its home atmosphere and traditional décor, and it best fits groups, families, and children. It provides Syrian dishes full of delicious taste. The menu boasts the options like Syrian omelette, labneh balls, Syrian sandwiches, etc. Moreover, it also consists the side dishes for clients, like kibbeh, meat, lentil soup, grape leaves, fattoush salad, etc.

Address: 4 Manor Rd E, Toronto, ON M4S 1P8, Canada



This post will tell you about the vegetarian restaurants opening in Canada. These restaurants not only provide you with vegetarian foods but also embrace the rich culture and heritage and inspire the customers. All the food served by them is full of quality. Due to the cultural significance of restaurants in Canada, you are able to learn about the traditions and history of this country and connect with many people.

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