Who Is Gia Olimp? Biography, Age, Husband and Career

Gia Olimp is a famous chess player who belongs to Serbia. She is well known as the wife of popular TV personality and American actor Anthony Carrigans. The presence of her husband, Anthony made a great contribution in her career also. As Anthony appears in many famous tv shows and movies, she start gaining fame as a famous actor’s wife. What Gia Olimp do? How does Gia Olimp make her career as a chess player? To know about it, here is a biography for you

Who is Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp is a professional and famous chess player who is married to the famous actor Anthony Carrigans. She is the wife of American actor and tv personality who rose to fame because of his lead role in HBO series barry.

Bio of Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp, a popular chess player belongs to Serbia. She was grow in close knit family. She and her elder sister, whose name are not disclose yet. She has a strong bond with her sister. Moreover, there is no brief information available about her family. She is of the Libra zodiac sign.

Early Life and Family of Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp, an professional chess participant, hails from the Serbia. She grew up in a close-knit family alongside her elder sister, whose name are not known yet. The bond between the sisters remains strong to this present day. From a young age, Gia’s interest towards chess was evident, and she honored for her talents, and pave her career as skilled player. As her skillability in the sport grew, so did her reputation in international chess. However, her skills in chess had been not the most effective component that introduced her into the highlight.

Gia Olimp obtained her fundamental and high school training at local schools in Serbia, where she obtained her graduate certificates. While details about her university schooling are not disclosed yet, she has the willpower to play chess in an expert manner.

Height and weight of Gia Olimp

Gia Olimp is a beautiful, young, and hot actress. She has a flat figure. She is highly popular among youth. Her appearance is like a doll. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches in height. Her weight is 60 kg. She has beautiful black hair and black eyes. Her black eyes and silky black hair make her look stunning.

Husband of Gia Olimp

The chess player, Gia, has been in a marriage relationship with Anthony Carrigan, a famous American actor. Her husband is well recognized for his performances in famous TV shows and movies like Gotham, Barry, The Forgotten, and Bill & Ted Face the Music. The couple fell in love and eventually married, catapulting Gia to movie star status as the wife of a Hollywood big name. Their love tale captured the attention of fans and media alike, adding some other layer of intrigue to Gia Olimp’s character. Gia relocated from Serbia to Los Angeles, California, to be with her husband and start their life collectively in the United States.

Career of Gia Olimp

We know that the Gia Olimp is a Serbian chess player and a celeb family member. There is no more information available about Gia Olimp’s profession. Moreover, it has come to know that her husband, Anthony Carrigan, is a famous American film and television series actor who works in the American film industry — Hollywood.

Net worth of Gia Olimp

While Gia’s specific net worth isn’t publicly known, it is estimated in millions. She has earned a huge amount of money from her career in chess,  endorsements, and appearances in various media shops. Moreover, her husband, Anthony Carrigan, has a successful acting profession that contributes to their great wealth.

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