Best Omakase Spots To Visit In And Around Vancouver

If you are looking for the best Omakase experience in Vancouver, then this is the place for you. No matter if you are looking for a romantic evening with a master chef or just a fun night out with friends, there is something here for everyone.


The Omakase dining experience is a traditional Japanese dining experience in which the chef prepares a menu based on fresh and high-quality ingredients available at the time of the dinner. Known for its perfect combination of art and gastronomy, Vancouver has become one of the world’s premier culinary destinations for this culinary experience.

Vancouver is an ideal destination for food lovers who are looking to enjoy the rich culinary scene of the city. From traditional sushi bars to modern fusion restaurants, there is no shortage of omakase spots to choose from in and around this outstanding city. 

Best Omakase Spots to Visit in and Around Vancouver:

The following are some of the best Omakase spots that can be found in and around Vancouver.

1. Miku

Miku is in the middle of Vancouver, and its omakase dining is luxurious and memorable. As a result of the chef’s fusion of traditional Japanese techniques with modern flair, a unique menu that changes daily is prepared using the freshest ingredients. With its views of the water and modern design, this restaurant is a great place to celebrate a special occasion.

2. Masayoshi

This cozy, small restaurant offers a true omakase experience with seasonal and local ingredients. It is located in Fraserhood, Vancouver. Featuring minimalistic decor and an intimate atmosphere, the restaurant offers an ideal venue to host an intimate dinner for couples. The chef takes pride in his craft and presents each dish with an exquisite balance of flavor and texture.

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3. Ajisai Sushi Bar

In Kerrisdale, Vancouver, Ajisai Sushi Bar gives you a great omakase experience at a reasonable price. The sushi chefs at the restaurant not only got their training in Japan, but they are also very passionate about making unique, flavorful dishes with only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and friendly service make it an ideal choice for a casual evening.

4. Octopus’ Garden

The popular omakase restaurant Octopus’ Garden can be found in Kitsilano, Vancouver. The restaurant offers a menu that combines traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary influences. With the chef’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence, every dish is an outstanding work of art. In addition to the restaurant’s casual atmosphere and friendly service, it makes a great location for a night out with friends.

5. Sushi Bar Maumi

This cozy and intimate restaurant offers an omakase experience centered around traditional techniques and ingredients in the West End, of Vancouver. It is a hidden gem located in the West End. With a dedication to his craft and an eye to detail, the chef ensures that every dish is a work of art. With its simple decor and calm atmosphere, the restaurant is a great place to go for a meal that is both relaxing and peaceful.

6. Tojo’s Restaurant 

The Japanese food served by Chef Tojo is some of the best in Vancouver for more than 20 years. His omakase menu features the freshest seafood, seasonal vegetables, and other uniquely Japanese ingredients.

7. Kingyo 

Kingyo in downtown Vancouver is a modern take on traditional Japanese food. The chef himself makes the omakase menus, which are made with the freshest ingredients.

8. Kishimoto 

A modern and creative omakase experience is offered at Kishimoto, located in the heart of Gastown. The chefs use seasonal ingredients from the market and the freshest seafood for a unique and flavorful meal.

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1. What is the meaning of Omakase?

The Omakase dining experience is a traditional Japanese dining experience that involves the chef creating a personalized menu from the freshest and finest ingredients of the day.

2. How much does an Omakase experience cost?

The cost of an omakase experience can vary between $100 and $300 per person, depending on the restaurant and the quality of the ingredients.

3. What should I wear to an omakase restaurant?

Omakase restaurants often have a dress code, so it’s best to find out ahead of time. Smart casual clothing is generally acceptable.


You can enjoy Japanese cuisine in a unique and delightful way through the Omakase experience, and Vancouver is fortunate to offer a variety of options for this experience. There is something for everyone, whether you are looking for a high-end experience or an affordable option. The Ajisai Sushi Bar and the most authentic flavors can be enjoyed in many different settings, from sushi bars to kaiseki restaurants.

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