7 Best Lingerie Brands Canada

If we talk about lingerie, women always want the same thing that their lingerie is beautiful, well-made, and comfortable. Unfortunately, many lingerie brands in Canada are focused on look instead of quality.

In this post, we are going to tell you about the top 7 lingerie brands in Canada that provide you with quality lingerie. Finding designer and quality lingerie is tough for people who are new to this shopping. Luckily, there is some consistency in all brands.

Whether purchasing separate pieces or full sets, it is crucial to know what you want before visiting the lingerie store or going for an online shop.

  1. Love and nudes

Love & Nudes is the leading Toronto-based lingerie brand that manufactures amazing lingerie with laces. They sell beautiful lingerie to their clients in amazing styles at reasonable rates.

Love & Nudes provides a range of styles, including panties, bras, chemises, bustiers, etc.  The team of this lingerie brand ensure to make all lingerie with quality fabrics like satin and silk. In this way, they ensure the great fit and comfort of their clients that buy lingerie from this brand.

  1. Sokoloff

Sokoloff is another best Canadian lingerie store that sell amazing and high-quality lingerie.  The aesthetic of this brand is elegant and clean, and the set focus is to provide maximum comfort and support. Along with the lingerie, they also make a line of luxurious pyjamas, silk robes, and loungewear.

Their lingerie collection is designed best to complement all body types, no matter whether your boy’s shape is curvy or petite.  Their lingerie comes in three different shapes, t-shirt bras, plunge bras, and convertible bras. Every different bra style has the availability of 30 different sizes. It permits the customers to get the perfect fit of lingerie every time.

  1. Mary Young

Mary Young is considered the best award-winning designer of comfortable lingerie, loungewear and swimwear. They are located in Toronto, Canada. Mary Young brand is popular among people because of the blend of classic elegance with good designs. Their lingerie is diverse and provides something good for every taste, underwire, soft cup, lace, full support, etc.

  1. Ellesmere

Canada is home to many lingerie brands that provide you with comfortable, quality, and fashionable designs. The most famous lingerie brand in Canada is Ellesmere. This brand is based in Montreal, Canada. All the lingerie products are made responsibly, with Canadian manufacturers and lingerie brands. Every piece here is hand-crafted by seamstresses who get paid and also access to healthcare benefits by this Canadian brand.

  1. Knix

Knix is a luxury lingerie brand in Canada that provides you with a modern aesthetic and understated product. Knix’s has a collection of a good blend of fashion and function in lingerie.  Their designs are elegant and comfortable. The brand provides you with a variety of bras for daily wear to special events, along with nightwear and panties.  They also inspire their clients to use every lingerie piece as their daily clothing.

  1. Fortnight

If you want to buy lingerie from the best Canadian lingerie brand, then Fortnight is perfect for you. Fortnight is one of the most popular lingerie brands in Canada. The unique, beautiful, and aesthetic designs of lingerie garnered a strong base of fans.

You can also visit the online website of the Fortnight Canadian lingerie brand to check how gorgeous the lingerie collection they have. You can pick from silk or cotton bras in a different styles.  Their panties come in hipster briefs, thongs and boyshorts with trim lace in vibrant colours.

  1. Origami customs

Origami Customs is a Montreal-based company that is focused on creating swimwear and lingerie for people of all abilities, sizes, and gender expressions.  They focus on gender-affirming underwear and pieces that are manufactured from recycled products and deadstock materials and ensure maximum sustainability.


The lingerie market diversity in Canada makes this a great place to shop and get better lingerie brands. Ensure to take your time while looking at all available lingerie options and check out reviews before choosing any specific brand.  It is suggested to take inventory of what you require from the lingerie company and then buy it accordingly.

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