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An American OnlyFans model, content creator and adult film actress Alyx Star is widely known for her work with multiple adult productions. Her acting in adult films has brought her fame and recognition to millions of her fans who follow her. Alyx has her presence on multiple platforms sharing unique content and interacting with her network of admirers.  

Throughout her career, she has produced more than 50 adult films and has worked with numerous other renowned adult actors. With a well-established name in the adult industry, Alyx is currently still working and thriving to grow even more in her career to reach newer heights. She is young and passionate about the works she continues to produce and thus has an exponentially growing fan base.  

Alyx Star’s Biography

Alyx Star’s Biography
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Brought up in an American family with American ethics Alyx was born on 7 September 1998 and is  25 years old as of 2023. She was born in a place called Portland, Oregon, situated in the United States. Star’s zodiac sign according to her birth is Taurus which signifies her personality as loving, sensual and avaricious.  

Alyx is of mixed ethnicity as her parents are of Caucasian descent.  To complete her education journey and have a graduation Alyx attended a college called Portland State University.  From a very young age, Alyx wanted to pursue a career in the adult film industry while also having hobbies such as Swimming, Shopping, and travelling.  

Growing up in Portland Oregon she went and did her schooling in a local school and spent most of her time in the city till growing up. 

Parents & Family

Alyx hasn’t disclosed anything about her family and meant to keep her family’s details private. Other than her family being American and located in  Portland, Oregon United States not much is available on online sources about her family. 

As of 2023 other than her work in the adult industry her personal life is still a question mark as she has not shared anything on her social handles and other platforms for her fans to know. 

Boyfriend & Relationships

Working in the adult industry Alyx has been with multiple partners for creating content, however, her relationship status is unmarried. She is still single and doesn’t have a boyfriend who she has been seen going out with yet. Alyx Star is active on social media yet hasn’t shared anything related to her relationships so it’s either private or it’s because she is single. 

Physical Appearance

Alyx Star
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With a slender and graceful build, Alyx Star stands at approximately 5 feet 8 inches. She has a fair complexation with charming and captivating blue eyes radiating her facial features. Along with blue eyes, Alxy has silky black hair with numerous hairstyles that she does for her shoots.  


Alyx’s professional career started at the age of 21 in 2019 when she got her first production offer with Motley Models. She received this offer at the age of 18 which filled her with overjoy as she wanted to have a career in the Adult industry. Alyx was able to secure such an offer due to her Tinder profile though the agency contacted her.  

However, what kept Alyx Star from beginning her career till the age of 21 was her mother. Her mother said she was still too young to make such a significant life-impacting choice. So until she turned 21 Alyx avoided joining.  Net Video Girls was the one where she made her debut in the adult acting industry.

Later to grab bigger opportunities she moved to Los Angeles and shot videos with Motley Models in NVG Los Angeles. Throughout her career, she got fan awards nomination for NightMoves as best girl performer and an Adult  Video News Award. In 2022  July she was named Nubiels Flavour of The Month.

Alyx Star Net Worth Summary

Working in adult film has earned her an estimated net worth of $1 million from various income sources. Most of her major income stems from modelling, subscriptions of her accounts, deals with productions etc.  Further, her OnlyFans account also generates hefty profits with a base subscription of $9.99 monthly for each person.

Facts & Information

  • Alyx Star has multiple tattoos and loves having them.
  • She is also an animal lover along a car enthusiast. 
  • Alyx Star is just the stage name of Alyx and her real name is yet unknown. 
  • Alyx has over 100k likes on her OnlyFans account as of 2023. 

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