Best Cat Cafes In Ontario You’ll Want To Visit With Friends

Looking for the best cat cafes in Mississauga? Cat cafes are exactly what it sounds like a café with cats, which is glorious. The best thing is that it is easy to find cat cafes in Ontario. The best cafes in Ontario are guaranteed you will enjoy playful, real, and furry cats. Some people believe cats absorb energy, and when you sit near a cat while working, you can concentrate on your work better. Here is the article if you want to visit the cat cafes in Ontario with your friends or known ones.

What are cat cafes?

Cat cafes are referred to as unique establishments that mix the experience of enjoying tea and coffee with the opportunity to interact with your friends and other people and determine the comfortable and cozy environment of cats. These cafes originated in the 1990s in Taiwan and gained huge popularity in different areas of the world.

The main thing of a cat cafe consists of providing a space where clients socialize,  relax, and unwind while surrounded by a group in a well-cared-for and friendly environment for cats. The cats in cat cafes are adaptable, which means the patrons get a chance to connect and potentially adopt cats if they make a bond during a visit.

Difference between a cat and normal café

The main difference between normal café and cat cafes is the main cat attraction. Cat cafes have roaming cats around, purring beside clients when they take a sip of tea or coffee. Some people say that cat cafes are quieter than normal cafes, and the best vibes are only relaxing and serene.

Best cat cafes in Ontario

Once you know about cat cafes in Ontario and you decide to visit the cat cafes, then here is the list of best cafes you should visit in Ontario and get the most out of your experience

  1. Alley cat café

Whether you want to adopt a car or only sit or drink tea or coffee, visiting the alley cat café is the best option. It is the best place for the person who is a cat lover because cats are playful and lovely. It is the best café that is clean, and Cats have a kitty lounge where the customers stay. So, if you are a cat lover, but not too much, then you can enjoy the occasional purr and quiet space here.

  1. It’s cat meow café

It is another best cat cafe that brings kitty vibes to you when you enter the door. From cute cat decors to an ice cream and coffee menu, it is a cozy and relaxing café. Even the staff at this café are charming and fun, but the cat lounge makes it more best. The café is the local shelter extension, and using this café, customers are encouraged here to adopt cars.

  1. My kitty café

My kitty café is the best cat cafe that has extensions of local shelters. The cats within this café are considered rescue cats and up for adoption. It is a relaxing, comforting environment because they take care of cats. The play area and cat lounge area are big and keep clean always. They always ask customers to take their shoes off when they enter this kitty lounge and keep them always clean. You will surely enjoy it a lot here.

  1. Feline café

On wellington street, this cat cafe in Ontario is also a must to check. Like the other cat cafes, this café has also come for adoption. The cats keep here in separate rooms and allow you to play with them by the window. The cats here are happy and friendly. Some cats are shy, but it is understandable, considering how tough it is for little cats to live in the big world. Feline Cafe considered the vegan and plant-based options given on its menu.


I hope you know about all the best cat cafes in Ontario to visit. You can visit any of the above-mentioned cafés and enjoy with cats there. Cat cafes give you the best opportunity to enjoy your company with cats and make them friends.

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