Fun Farms and Petting Zoos in Calgary

When spring is around the corner, it means that baby animals are making their debut at all of the family petting zoos and fun farms in Calgary. This is why people are looking for fun farms and petting zoos in Calgary to visit. Read more to know about petting zoos and fun farms in Calgary.

  1. Calgary Farmyard

Calgary Farmyard is the best place for a lot of fun in Calgary. There are more than 35 outdoor attractions, including a rope course, zip lines, a giant potato sack slide, ball toss, mini golf, etc.

After you complete your playing there, then you should move to the petting zoo to pet, feed them and play with baby animals like horses, lamas, rabbits, goats, etc. the fee for Daily admission here is the  $21.95+taxes and online fees or around $26.50+gst as an entry. The entry of kids age 2 or lower is free. The best thing is that the season passes for this zoo are also available.


2. Butterfield Acres

Butterfield Acres is best for kids who want to hop on a tractor-pulled hay wagon or enjoy a pony ride. Get ready to have fun at the Butterfield Acres because it is the best petting zoo in Calgary. You can enjoy your Barnyard Baby Days in spring, where you fulfill the sweet baby calves, lambs, goats, bunnies, chicks, and ducklings.

For bigger than the life bunny visit, you do not need to miss the chance to explore the easter bunny. You can buy tickets for the time slot of 2 hours in advance to get guaranteed entry. There is a need for 1 adult to handle 3 kids here. The admission fee to enter this farm is $15.99 + GST for babies up to the age of 17 years. You can also get the second passes here.

3. Cobb’s Adventure Park

Cobb adventure park is making an opportunity for you to get a lot of fun, as it includes pedal carts, hill slides, a climbing wall, min golf, a bouncy world, and many more. You can try axe throwing, see what you explore from mazes, and challenge yourself to cornhole games in the arcade outside.

You get close to cuddly and cute animals with wallabies, kangaroos, sheep, chinchillas, and goats at this zoo. You can also visit less furry friends, like tortoises, snakes, etc. The admission fee for every person of all ages is $20+GST if they buy online. The online fee for personal entry at this farm is $23 + GST.

4.  Granary Road

Granary Road is considered the family’s favorite place in Calgary. The learning active park is the best place for kids of all ages to jump, run, slide, climb, and ziplines. The larger-than-themed life exhibits make it hours of fun for people, even with obstacles like in-ground lily pad trampolines, giant spider web climbers, gigantic fruit trees, a huge 4-story ant farm, etc. The Active Learning Park is the perfect place for kids of all ages to run, jump, climb, slide, and zipline. So, you can head to the petting zoo where you can make goats with your friends and say hello to all types of animals like pigs, peacocks, horses, ducks, etc.

Never forget to move your hand at mini golf at the new yesteryear course. If you are working with an appetite, do not fret; the indoor market of this farm is rushed with vendors that provide you the mouthwatering drinks and foods, jewelry, housewares, clothing, and many more.

5. Bowden Sunmaze

If you can wait till sometime late in the season, then you should visit the Bowden Sunmaze. It has various mazes for people to enjoy and has more than 1,00,000 grown organic sunflowers. It is completely worth your visit if you enter this farm to capture adorable photos. Also, there is an 8-acre corn maze with stalks of tall 5-6 feet and a willow tree maze.


If you want to get a lot of fun with your family and kids, then you can visit any of the above fun farms and petting zoos in Calgary. Ensure to check tickets and entry fees before visiting these spots.

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