When is Family Day in Canada 2023?

Family Day is a holiday that is celebrated by several countries and in Canada also. So let’s learn about a family day in Canada and when is family day in Canada 2023.

Family Day will be celebrated on Feb 20th, 2023. This year Family Day will be honored according to tradition. Family Day is always celebrated 3rd Monday of every February.

What is family day? 

Family Day was established by Albertan Lieutenant Governor Helen Hunley in 1990. This day is celebrated to promote the importance of family and home among Canada’s pioneers. Family Day is celebrated between New Year’s Day to Good Friday. This day encourages hard-working families by which they spend more time with their families.

The History of Family Day In Canada.

Family Day started with a scandal. In 1990, a man named Don Getty, Alberta’s premier, was under some intense scrutiny because of his son. Canadian police arrested his son for selling drugs. After this, Don Getty issued a public apology to Alberta’s people that if he had spent more time with his family, then this incident with his son may not happen.

He did not have any connection with his son’s incident, but after this, he was inspired to establish a family day for the people of Albertans; after this incident, the family day was established as a statutory holiday.

Is Family Day A statutory Holiday in Canada? 

The federal government or province supports statutory holidays. Family Day is only celebrated in some of the areas of Canada. In contrast, Prince Edward Island celebrates islander day, and the province of Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day during the same time. A worker will only sometimes get the day off, even after the family day holiday.

How is the family day celebrated in Canada? 

Family Day is a fun vacation period that Canadian families celebrate. This day is usually falling at the end of the week. The family day is a three-day celebration. A family day does not know for any traditions like Christmas and New Year’s, but it is also important like other holidays.

Even there are lots of unique places in Alberta that you can explore. While your family day holiday, you can visit Banff Gondola, Heritage Park Historical Village, Niagra Falls, etc. One great thing about family day is spending time with family; you don’t need to take extra leave for that or leave your home for that.

Just grab a cup of cocoa in the February season and hang out with your family at your home. Public transportation services, schools, and organizations are closed due to family day, but some banks and other organizations are open and running.

Family Day alternative holidays

Family Day is a popular holiday in Canada but only in some of Canada. Check out the alternate holidays:

The first one is Louis Riel Day; this day is celebrated on the third Monday of every February. This day is the same celebrate as family day. This day is celebrated in the province of Manitoba. Family Day in Manitoba is named after Louis Riel, the leader of the Metis people.

The second is Nova Scotia Heritage Day. This day is celebrated in the eastern Canadian province of Nova Scotia. All families enjoy with their loved ones on this day. The Nova Scotia Heritage Day is celebrated in the winter.

The third alternative is islander day. The people of Prince Edward Island celebrate this day. Almost every Edward Island worker is getting off day to spend time with their family.

So When is Family Day in Canada 2023?

Family Day is celebrated in Canada on Feb 20th, 2023. This day is celebrated in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, British Columbia, and New Brunswick.

So enjoy this holiday at your home with your loved ones.

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