Rock Climbing Locations in Calgary

The Rocky Mountains are situated at the foothills position. Due to this position, Calgary is considered the best finishing or starting spot for outdoor activities. Thus, visitors and locals want to explore outdoor sports like rock climbing here.

Rock climbing needs your body to have a healthy, strong, well-determined mindset and good weather for climbing. So, if you want to know about the rock climbing locations in Calgary, you should read this article. Here is the list of the best places where you can get the best rock climbing experience in Calgary.

1. Calgary climbing center rocky mountain

Calgary climbing center rocky mountain
Image Source: Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain

It is considered as the branch of Rocky Mountain. The best thing is that it has the tallest gym in Calgary city. Moreover, it has a workout area, with high 65 feet tall walls and shorter and bouldering challenging walls.

Another best thing about the Calgary Climbing Centre Rocky Mountain is that you can access to ClimbPark anytime and have a lot of fun there. So you can easily experience the spider webs and floating facility cubes.

2. Bolder climbing community

Bolder climbing community
Image Source: Bolder climbing community

The Bolder climbing community is the best place to visit in rock climbing Calgary if you want to improve the grip of your hand and body strength. For this, it is suggested to try boulder climbing at Bolder Climbing Community. The bouldering facility has come with climbing walls for all skill levels and ages.

Along with conquering their bouldering walls, you can join the gym’s programs, which include training, clinics, youth team, and personal coaching. Through these programs, you are able to learn ways to improve endurance, strength, and mobility with fellow people.

With all these facilities and programs, Bolder Climbing Community gives a sense of belongings to clients. It also comes with a rental facility for climbers who do not have access to the necessary equipment.

3. Calgary climbing center hanger

Calgary climbing center hanger
Image Source: Calgary climbing center hanger

The Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger is another best place for those who want to take the challenges than climbing to straight walls. The climbing wall facilitates the 40-foot walls to climbers that are angled for the energetic climb. Along with climbing to the Calgary Climbing Centre Hanger’s walls, you also get the chance to play and enjoy the walls of the climbing park.

If you have a deficiency in climbing gear, then you can easily access the retail store for quality products. The facility has come with gyms that allow you to exercise with free weights, showers, and stationary bikes that you can use after and before the climb.

4. The University of Calgary outdoor center

If you want to get experience the outdoor feel of sports climbing, you should visit the Outdoor Centre of the University of Calgary. The grips, walls, and holds here are made up of stones and concrete to the actual terrain of rock climbing.

To fulfills your outdoor experience, it is suggested to try lead or rope climbing. You book the group climbs easily, so you can easily enjoy the best rock climbing in Calgary with your family and friends.

The walls of this place are realistic, so it is suggested to pass through the expert’s tests and avoid the chance of injuries. Before going for the climb to the wall, it is suggested to take advice from an expert if you are a youth climber. If you are climbing for the first time, then you should take classes from certified instructors before allowing yourself to rock climb.

5. Shawnessy YMCA

The best program provided by the YMCA Calgary is wall climbing. There are three places available here for the wall climbing classes, all of which has belays for security purposes.

Through this YMCA climbing program, the kids are exposed to rock climbing experiences in Calgary that their bodies take. The company has different plans for every age range to ensure that all kids learn here effectively and grow. Along with the climbing wall experience, the children also get the chance to access Shaughnessy facilities, like a hot tub, 25-meter pool, multipurpose hall, and indoor running track.


These are the best locations for rock climbing to visit in Calgary. If you visit Calgary or want to get an adventurous experience, these are the perfect places for you.

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