Best 7 Wood Chippers In Canada

A wood chipper is used to cut limbs, twigs, branches, and big materials in the yard in small pieces. These tools may provide mulch to the garden or press the wood to use in carpentry projects and make furniture.

The best wood chipper is used to accommodate branches and twigs you put into them and best fits your power needs. The best wood chipper gives a quiet experience and runs on a home gas supply and power. In this way, such tools are considered powerful that are strong enough to cut hard yard materials.

In this post, you will learn learned about the best 7 wood choppers used in Canada. If you also want to use these tools in yard-related projects, then you should read all facts given in this post.

1.Sun Joe CJ603E silent electric wood chipper

Sun Joe CJ603E silent electric wood chipper

This sun joe wood chipper has the ability to accommodate a material of 1.7 inches in diameter and boasts a reduction ratio of 21:1.

It is a compact type of wood chipper that weighs only 38.6 pounds, and packs punch through the 15 amp motor that supplies the blade with the required energy for mulching, chipping, and shredding. It is easy to unpack and assemble the wood chipper for testing purposes.

Even though this wood chipper does not feature the style hopper intake for debris or leaves, but still, the branch feed is worked well and cleans your yard. The motor of this tool provides the many power to grind up the dried wood without bogging it down.

2. Earthwise electric chipper shredder

Earthwise electric chipper shredder

It is easy to assemble and test all models of the Earthwise electric chippers, as it only takes 10 minutes. This wood chipper helps to process the organic waste for composting cleaning and becomes more beneficial for people.

The Earthwise wood chipper helps to grind sticks and branches up to 1.75 inches in diameter and clean the yard. It results in efficient composting. The best thing is that it needs no gas or oil or no need for maintenance. It includes a plastic collection bin that makes it easier to capture chips and clean the garden.

3. Troy Bilt chipper shredder

Troy Bilt chipper shredder

This wood chipper works like the push lawn mower. The deck height of this tool is adjustable for leaf pickup. It smoothly rolls on 8-inch front wheels and 11-inch rear wheels.

The hardened-steel impeller and cast aluminum are powered by the Troy-Bilt engine. It turns to the 8 bags worth of yard waste in a single bag of chips and captures it in the 2-bushel onboard felt bagger.

This wood chipper is mostly used to assemble, with the exception of to handle, bagger, and hose it. Installing such tools only takes 15 minutes. You can easily use this wood chipper and add the oil and gas in it, make it adjust with the height of the deck, and start testing.

The weight of the deck and engine countered the weight of the bagger till the bag of wood chippers was full. Emptying the bagger into the ground was easy, but transferring the chips to disposal bags was awkward.

4. Champion Power 3-inch chipper shredder

Champion Power 3-inch chipper shredder

It is the best 3-inch portable wood chipper and drives the chipper steel blades. This wood chipper can grind the 20 bags of debris in the yard and fit it in one bag. The large hopper is best fit for shredding leaves, twigs,  and other material less than 0.5 inches thick.

It is also able to accept limbs of 3 inches or less in diameter. It features an adjustable angle top and an easy-to-use drawstring collection bag. Due to these features, you can easily use this wood chipper and quickly clean the yard.

5. Sun Joe CJ601E electric wood chipper

Sun Joe CJ601E electric wood chipper

This wood chipper is the best tool for those who want to clean their ground in a cost-effective process. It is the most affordable wood shipper that helps you a lot.

This best model of wood chipper uses a small motor that runs at high speed and results in 4,300 revolutions in one minute. It is lightweight wood chipper that cuts the limbs or sticks up to 1.5 inches thick and produces used mulch for the yard or garden.


Here is the list of the top 6 wood chippers you should try to clean your yard. You can choose any of the above wood chippers and clean all debris from your garden.

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