Things to do on the Family Day Long Weekend in 2023

Looking for the best things to do on a family day long weekend? If yes, then there are many fun activities there to choose from.

If you want to know about the family day long weekend activities you should do in 2023, then you should read this complete article.

Things to do on family day in Vancouver

In the 2023 year, the Family Day Long Weekend begins on the 17th of February, Friday evening, and continues till the 20th of February, Monday.

  • The big event this weekend is FAN EXPO, which is held in Vancouver. This event is considered a Comic-Con-style event that features superheroes, comics, superheroes, Hollywood celebrities, and animes.
  • Another family day activity you should do is to visit the Beyond Van Gogh exhibition. It is held in Surrey. It features the arts and skills of Vincent Van Gogh. In surgery, this exhibition starts from 1st February and continues till the start of March.
  • You can also visit SYNCRA City under the suggestion of a family day activity.it features multimedia visual art in Vancouver.
  • If you and your family like comedy,  then you can engage in the event “Just For Laughs” that was held in Vancouver. It features top-class and skilled comedians at different venues.

Family day activities to involve in the lower mainland

There are many family day activities in which you can engage yourself. You can choose any of the following things to do on the basis of your likes and preferences.

FAN EXPO in Vancouver

  1. FAN EXPO in Vancouver

On the family day long weekend, you can join the FAN EXPO event in Vancouver. Here you can enjoy superheroes, comics, pop culture conventions, science fiction, and trade shows. This event is held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. There are many popular celebrities who come to this event. You can also participate in presentations, workshops, and big vendor markets and purchase the best things from there.

  1. Vancouver mysteries

It is referred to as the well-known games company that provides you the outdoor adventures to play in Vancouver streets. You can select between the crime-solving game, secret mission game, and superheroes game.

  1. Just for laughs, Vancouver

It is the best comedy festival that you must join on a family day long weekend. Many artists and comedians are coming to this festival and bring a lot of fun for you.

  1. SYNCRA city

You can join the tour to art attractions and EDM music with special effects in Vancouver. The best thing is that it is in Vancouver between the 14th of March and Valentine’s Day.

  1. Flyover Canada

FlyOver Canada is the name of the multisensory theatre. Here, you can enjoy the amazing film about the country every day of the year, mostly.

  1. VMF Winter arts fest

It is the best festival of family day long weekend that features free live entertainment and things to explore in Vancouver. You can also enjoy the Vancouver Art Gallery at this festival. It starts from 16 February to 26 February.

  1. Lunarfest

You can engage yourself in many free activities at the ocean artwork pavilion. On Monday, Sunday, and Saturday, 18 February to 28 February, there are the lantern city and crafts, amazing performances, and activities held in which you can also participate.

Free admission is placed on family day long weekend

Usually, all the best-visited places in Vancouver charge some fees from people. But you can easily enjoy things for one or two days at the following places, without any fees.

  1. Maritime Museum

On a family day long weekend, admission to this Museum is free. On this day, you do not need to pay charges to visit this Museum.

  1. Bill reid gallery

It is an exceptional collection of West Coast and Indigenous art in Vancouver. If you want to get regular admission, then you need to pay charges for it. But admission for children under age 12 is absolutely free.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Theatre

It is the Civic Theatres in Vancouver that held the Family Day Open House on Saturday. It is a free event that you can join easily. The best thing is that it features top-class crafts, art, amazing activities, and live music for an audience.

  1. Art Gallery, Vancouver

If you want to get admission to an art gallery to explore amazing things, then you can easily get free admission for starting two or three days. The best thing is that admission for children under 18 is free for all time.

Adventure games you can enjoy on family day long weekend

Vancouver Mysteries is the best and most popular place for virtual games. If you want to play fun games on a family day long weekend from the comfort of your home, then the Vancouver Mysteries are best for you

It provides you the entertaining virtual games that you can play online easily. Vancouver Mysteries also provide you with adventure outdoor in-person games that you can play easily in Vancouver.

Family Day activities in North and West Vancouver

Here are the best family day things that you can do in North and West Vancouver. If you come to Vancouver on the weekend with your family, then you can engage yourself in any of activity given below.

Things to do on the Family Day Long Weekend in 2023

  1. Cypress

It is the ski hill in West Vancouver that offers amazing family-friendly activities to enjoy. At Cypress, you can participate in the best family day activities, named fireworks, and get the most out of fun.

  1. Capilano suspension bridge

This attraction in Vancouver is decorated with a valentine’sValentine Day theme on the weekend. You can visit this attraction with your family when you come to Vancouver.


It is the Museum situated in North Vancouver. It features the special Voices of Diversity activity at free admission.

Family Day activities in Burnaby

You can do multiple things in Burnaby on a family day long weekend. Here are the best things you can do with your family in 2023

  1. Village Museum

You can visit the village museum of Burnaby on a family day long weekend. It provides you the fun with heritage house hour and craft activities on a family day long weekend in 2023

  1. Toonie skate

You can enjoy skating here at the charge of $2 at Bill Copeland Sports Centre. You can also enjoy the breakfast of pancakes here by donation.

Things to do in Surrey on family day

You also feel amazed and entertained with your family on a long weekend if you engage yourself in the following activities in Surrey.

  1. Beyond van Gogh

It is the showcase and immersive art exhibition that features the work of Beyond van Gogh. You can get a fun experience with your family at this exhibition.

  1. Museum of Surrey

In Surrey, the Museum gives free admission to people who come on a family day long weekend. You can visit the Museum any time on the weekend with your family.

  1. Family Day in Surrey

On family day, you can engage yourself in a number of family-friendly activities. Such activities are held at various places in Surrey, like recreation centers, gardens, parks, etc.

Family day long weekend in the sky and sea area

  1. Britannia mine

Britannia Mine is the best Museum to visit on family day. It provides 50% off admission fees to residents of British Columbia.

  1. Whistler Blackcomb

In previous years, this resort provided 50% off on ski rates for Blackcomb residents, but not today. In 2023, admission for people on a family day long weekend is completely free. You can get a lot of fun experiences with your family at Audain Art Museum and at Squamish Cultural Centre.

  1. Sea-to-sky gondola

This best attraction in the sky and sea area provides the chance for people to enjoy their family day long weekend at half admission fees.

Other places for families

  • You should check the top indoor activities to do in Vancouver. Ensure also to find the right place to engage in the top family activities on the weekend.
  • The best place to spend your memorable weekend with family is the lower mainland in Vancouver.
  • If there is good weather, then you spend the best time at your Family Day Long Weekend in outdoor activities. For this, it is suggested to research Vancouver’s nature and parks and then find the best outdoor places to visit.
  • If there is good weather or you want to get some exercise, then you should check the best places to jog, walk, and cycle in Vancouver and then go for the same.


This post discusses all the best things with places that you can do on a family day long weekend in 2023. You can easily choose any activity and do it with your family to make your most memorable weekend. All the above-mentioned family activities bring huge fun for you.

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