Everything You Need to Know About The Rec Room Toronto

If you want to visit the unique places for fun in Toronto, you should visit the Rec Room. A rec room is situated in downtown Toronto. It is a big adult playground filled with entertainment and the best food. You can get everything here at the Rec room, from cultured-themed arcade games to special events and live concerts.

They got the two in-house restaurants that serve all types of upscale and casual comfort foods. Whether you are going to Toronto with your family or friends or want to have fun there, the Rec room is perfect for you. Read more to know everything about the Rec Room Toronto before your visit.

Location of Rec room, Toronto

In Toronto, the rec room is located at 255 Bremner Blvd, Toronto, Ontario.

Price of Rec room Toronto

There is no entry fees of rec room in Toronto, but if you want to play games inside, you should buy game tags.

  1. Game tags

The way in which the Rec Room works is that you need to buy the game tag and get the game credits. The game tag has an activation fee of $2.50 with 10 credits.

You can wear the game tags around the wrist or in your pocket. This is the way that takes you to the games playing opportunity. Rewards points and game credits never expire, so you can save them till you have sufficient for the prize you want.

  1. Collect and redeem points.

Another best thing about the Rec Room is that you can gather and redeem the points on what you buy. You get 1 point for every $ 1 you spend at  Rec Room. You are able to redeem the points once you place an order to buy game tags.

You are also able to earn points on drink and food purchases, though alcohol is not included. If you redeem points, you get $10 off on every 1000 scene points.

Games available at rec room Toronto

The arcade games are popular games to play at Rec Room Toronto. These games give you the chance to have a lot of fun there. There are many culture-themed games, including Kung Fu Panda, The Walking Dead and Candy Crush Saga.

There are standard games are also available here to play, like basketball hoop games, racing games, and air hockey games. They provide you with the VR fun experience known as THE VOID, but sadly it is no longer remaining.

What you should eat in the rec room

If you are hungry in the rec room, you do not need to worry. There are a number of restaurants open there. The two best restaurants inside the rec room in Toronto are “The Shed” and “Three10 Restaurant”. The shed offered fast food options to guests, whereas the three10 restaurant provided dine-in options.

The Rec Room
Image Source: The Rec Room
  • Three10 restaurant

The menu of the Three10’s restaurant is inspired by cuisines all over Canada, from the West to the east coast. Here you find all types of delicious food, from Tempura Jalapenos to Spicy Chicken Sandwich, to Atlantic Cod chips and fish.

The social platters of this restaurant include the MVP platter, TLC platter, or BBQ platter. It features that the menu of this restaurant provides various food options to guests.

The menu changes from time to time, so the dishes mentioned here may not be available at the time of your visit to the rec room in Toronto.

Concert tickets at the rec room

When you make the tour to Toronto and visit the rec room, then you should not miss the concerts. All the concerts scheduled for 2023 and 2024 are in demand to book their tickets earlier.

From standard rooms to front seats, you can get a variety of tickets only and take part in concerts in the rec room.


The Rec Room is the best place to visit in Toronto if you want to night out with your friends and have a lot of fun. It is a different winter date spot in Toronto. When you visit the rec room, redeem the tickets at the prize counter and get a chance for more fun.

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