Serge Laprade – Age, Height, Bio and Net Worth

Serge Laprade is a popular TV presenter and French Canadian singer. He additionally worked on many radio shows and TV suggests and sang. He was born in Montreal, Canada, on 13 January 1941. He is the richest in his profession. People are fascinated to realize about Serge Laprade’s life, profession, net worth, etc.

Who is Serge Laprade

Serge Laprade was born in Montreal on 13 January 1941. He works as a French Canadian singer and hosts many TV shows and radio stations in Canada, especially Quebec.

Bio of Serge Laprade

Serge Laprade was the richest and most popular TV presenter who was born in Canada on 13 January 1941. His birthplace is Montreal, Canada. He was son of a French diplomat and grew up in a loving family. He received an amazing training and have become a excellent student within the technological know-how and mathematics fields. Before becoming a singer or work as TV presenter, he joined the French Air Force and worked as a pilot in 1958. At that point, he typically went on flying missions within the areas of Africa and Algeria. Throughout his time in Air Force, he worked as a brave pilot and also get the Legion of Honor award.

Name Serge Laprade
Date of birth 13 January 1941
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Net worth $5 Million

Zodiac sign of Serge Laprade

The zodiac sign of Serge Laprade is Capricorn. As per the astrology, the Capricorn is a sign that shows him as time punctual and responsible. Such zodiac sign people have the inner state of independence that shows their progress in both personal and career life. They are experts in self-control and are able to make their path successful in their careers. They are solid in their career plans, manage the people in their lives, and keep their professional lives different from their personal lives. They are always learner from their mistakes and become more good with their experience.

Ethnicity of Serge Laprade

People want to know about Serge Laprade’s nationality and ethnicity, but there are no facts known regarding this.

Serge Laprade Girlfriend

From the current sources available, it is known that Serge Laprade is single and not dating anyone. He has not been in a relationship with someone, or he is not engaged with someone. There are no rumors or facts about Serge Laprade’s relationship or girlfriend.

The career of Serge Laprade

After his secondary education, he finished his college research in social science at Universite de Montreal. At the same time, he studied singing and appeared in theatresHe works with many radio stations in 1962 and 1963. During the same time, he took component in some of the song and leisure shows as a famous singer and caught the attention of some of the producers. In the 1960s, he recorded some of the success debuts at the same time on the web, hosting his own TV shows.

He also led a successful career as a radio host on many radio leisure suggests stations, including the radio stations CKVL, CKAC, CKLM, CBF, CJMS, and CFGL, and on the French Canadian television station Radio-Canada, where he hosted a televised sport show Le travail a los angeles chaine from 1972 to 1979. He also hosted shows in Tele-Metropole and Television Quatre-Saisons, referred to as TQS. From 1971 to 1973, he became the director of programming on the radio station CKLM. He also worked in charity telethons for more than a decade between 1977 and 1988 in favor of the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Association.

The net worth of Serge Laprade

Serge Laprade is the most popular and richest TV presenter from Canada. He also works as a Canadian singer. His main source of income is singing and TV shows, from which he earns a net worth of $5 million.

Facts about Serge Laprade

Serge Laprade is listed among the most popular TV presenters and radio presenters and is a Canadian singer. He is also ranked among the most popular persons in Canada. On every year 13 January, he celebrates his birthday.

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