The Best Sushi in Vancouver: Top 8 Sushi Spots for 2023

Do you want to try the best sushi in Vancouver? If yes, you should find the best sushi spots. Japanese immigrants had great historical effects on Canada, consisting the Canadian cuisine.

Today, it become easy for people to explore the Japanese culture in Vancouver, such as Japanese festivals, cherry blossom gardens, and delicious sushi restaurants.

In Vancouver, there are many people who visit Japanese restaurants and try the best sushi. If you also want to try the best sushi, then here is an article you should read on the best sushi restaurants in Vancouver

1. Kishimoto restaurant

Kishimoto restaurant
Image Source: Kishimoto restaurant

The Kishimoto restaurant is famous among the visitor and locals of Vancouver. Their menu serves fish that are imported from Japan, and other dishes are sourced locally.

This restaurant crafts the best sushi in Vancouver with a takeout and dining menu. Kishimoto is considered a small restaurant in Vancouver, with brick and block walls, wood furnishings, and warm lighting.

2. Tojo’s Restaurant

Tojo's Restaurant
Image Source: Tojo’s Restaurant

If you want to try tasty sushi in the evening, then the Tojo restaurant in Vancouver is best for you. This restaurant runs small on the pricey side, but it is good to impress the group with the best sushi in Vancouver.

Within Tojo, you find the right dining room with ambience and decoration that allow you to feel friendly, refreshing, and bright. Greenery and flowers decorate this restaurant and complement the tropical colours of sushi at Tojo.

3. Toshi sushi

Toshi sushi
Image Source: Toshi sushi

If you want to try top-notch sushi at an affordable rate, then the Toshi sushi spot is best for you. Here the sushi bar becomes the best dinner spot for residents of Vancouver. Toshi provides the classic sushi menu to guests, including the sushi box roll. This sushi roll becomes the best sushi in this restaurant.

4. Sushi bar Aajisai

Sushi bar Aajisai
Image Source: Sushi bar Aajisai

This restaurant serves the best sushi in Vancouver. The prices of this affordable sushi restaurant come within the budget of locals. Moreover, they also provide lunch specials and generous portions, so you get the most out of sushi.

The dining area of Ajisai’s restaurant is small, with only some dining tables and bar seating. It is considered a good spot for a fast bite to order the best sushi in Vancouver.

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5. Miku


Miku provides photo-worthy and beautiful sushi that does not sacrifice beauty and flavours. It is the best place to celebrate the anniversary, accomplishments and birthdays with the best sushi in Vancouver.

The interior of Miku restaurant reveals the sushi beauty among locals. Moreover, the designs and views of the Miku restaurant make this spot the best to try the best sushi.

6. Minami

Image Source: Minami

The owner of Miku restaurant opened another sister restaurant in Vancouver named Minami. They serve the best sushi to people. This restaurant features a lounge area, luxurious dining rooms, a cocktail bar and a patio.

It provides an upscale vibe with classic and beautiful bites with a warm interior. It is the best place to enjoy a night party, date with friends or have dinner with family.

7. Sushi by Yuji

Sushi by Yuji
Image Source: Sushi by Yuji

Another gem and best sushi spot is the Sushi by Yuji. It gains huge attention from the people of Vancouver. This sushi restaurant provides tasty and mouthwatering rolls at an affordable rate. It is the best place to visit if you want to meet your cravings for fresh sushi.

Sushi by Yuji is considered the best casual sushi bar that provides the best sushi in Vancouver. There are few tables available to provide dine-in seating to guests.

8. The general public

The general public
Image Source: The general public

If you want to try delicious sushi in Vancouver with a great vibe, then this restaurant is best for you. It is the best place to get the taste of the best sushi in a modern environment. The vibe at this restaurant brings a good experience for customers.

The General Public provides a wide menu of traditional Japanese foods, like sashimi, miso, and sushi, in Vancouver. It provides vegan, cooked, gluten-free, and vegetarian food options to people.


Whether you are a resident or visitor of Vancouver, all the above sushi spots bring a good experience to you. You can choose any of the above best traditional Japanese restaurants in Vancouver and try your favourite sushi.

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