Best Tennis Court Near Me In Canada

Tennis lovers will not be disappointed when looking for the top courts in Canada. The nation has a thriving tennis scene, with many world-class facilities dispersed among its regions. Canada offers a variety of alternatives for tennis players of all levels, including state-of-the-art indoor complexes and magnificent outdoor courts tucked away in the midst of breathtaking scenery.

In this post, we’ll examine the top tennis courts in Canada, highlighting their distinctive qualities, extras, and all-around experience. So let’s take our rackets and check out Canada’s best tennis courts!

1. Aviva center- Toronto

The Rogers Cup, a major ATP and WTA competition, is held annually at Toronto’s Aviva Centre, a world-class tennis venue that is part of York University’s campus. The centre offers a top-notch experience for both professional and leisure players thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure and twelve DecoTurf hard courts. Tennis enthusiasts will love the Aviva Centre’s outstanding spectator amenities, which include a more than 12,000-seat capacity.

2. IGA Stadium- Montreal

IGA Stadium- Montreal
Image Source: IGA Stadium- Montreal

The IGA Stadium is a further gem in Canada’s tennis environment and is located in the energetic metropolis of Montreal. It has a mix of hard and clay courts and is the site of the Montreal Masters competition. The venue’s astounding atmosphere is made even better by its 11,700-seat capacity and first-rate amenities. Tennis enthusiasts should visit the IGA Stadium because it has hosted some of the greatest tennis matches.

Website: http://stadeiga.com/

3. Rexall Centre – Edmonton

The Rexall Centre is Western Canada’s premier tennis venue that is situated in the centre of Edmonton, Alberta. It has eight outdoor hard courts and beautiful scenery, and it is the site of the Edmonton National Bank Challenger. Tennis players of all ages and abilities will have a wonderful experience at the centre thanks to the friendly atmosphere, well-kept courts, and knowledgeable staff.

Website: https://www.rexall.ca/

4. Hollyburn Country Club- BC

Hollyburn Country Club- BC
Image Source: Hollyburn Country Club- BC

The Hollyburn Country Club stands out as a top location for tennis aficionados in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Players can enjoy the sport all year round on its four indoor courts and nine outdoor courts. The club has outstanding amenities like a pro shop, locker rooms, tournaments, leagues, and coaching programs for players of all skill levels.

Website: https://www.hollyburn.org/

5. Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club – Winnipeg

Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club – Winnipeg
Image Source: Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club – Winnipeg

One of the first tennis clubs in Canada was the Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club, which was founded in 1881. Ten perfectly preserved grass courts, a rarity in North America, can be found at this historic location. The club’s rich history and tranquil atmosphere make for a distinctive tennis experience. The Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club offers a variety of membership choices for anyone looking to join this prestigious organization and stages numerous tournaments throughout the year.

Website: https://www.wltc.ca/

6. University of New Brunswick Tennis Centre – Fredericton

The Tennis Centre in Fredericton is a cutting-edge facility that serves both the local community and university students. It is located at the campus of University of New Brunswick. The facility has two indoor courts, six outdoor clay courts, and contemporary amenities like locker rooms, a fitness centre, and a pro shop. The University of New Brunswick Tennis Centre is a great option for local tennis aficionados because of its warm atmosphere and variety of programs.

Website: https://www.unb.ca/fredericton/redsrec/openrec/sport-clubs/tennis.html

7. Stanley Park- Vancouver

The Stanley Park Tennis Courts in Vancouver provide a lovely venue for tennis fans to practice their sport. The courts offer breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery because they are located within the well-known Stanley Park. It is a unique experience in Canada as players can select from 17 outdoor courts, including 10 hard courts and 7 grass courts. Both casual and competitive players will find the park to be a relaxing setting with adjacent recreational amenities.


Tennis players have access to some of the world’s best courts in Canada, where they may indulge their passion for the game. Tennis courts across the nation offer a wide variety of alternatives, whether you’re a pro, an aspiring amateur, or just someone who likes a casual match. Each venue, from Toronto’s Aviva Centre to Manitoba’s Winnipeg Lawn Tennis Club, has its own distinct personality, features, and past. So take a racket, check out these incredible tennis courts, and enjoy the thrill of the game in stunning Canadian scenery.

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