7 Best Cafes in North York, Canada

Looking for the best cafes in North York, Canada? People love to come to North York to try the best delicious food. Whether you want to visit a cute café with your loved ones or a café for your business purpose, north York is the best spot for you. There are many cafes open in North York. But people are unable to find the best one, due to the great variety. In this article, we will tell you about the 7 best cafes in North York, Canada.

  1. Forest café

Forest café is an adorable café led by Sheppard and Don Mills. It serves the best taste of locally-made pastries and Asian-inspired lattes. This café is the best spot for the Instagrammer to visit because of its gorgeous design. The speciality of this café is The Dalgona Latte, which is topped up with the sweet South Korean dalgona and crunchy candy. The guests who come here also love the Black Sesame Latte coffee here. If you visit this café in winter, you can find the best egg note latte here. You can also try their croffles with toppings and ice cream.


  1. Cocoon coffee

Cocoon is considered a cute café in North York, Canada, that has industrial and minimalist vibes. This café is located only a few minutes away from Yorkdale Mall. They get their coffee beans from barocco coffee in Toronto. The best thing is that they also mentioned the Iced Dalgona Latte option in their menu with coffee. They produce their own baked goods for guests, and they provide quality cakes.

  1. Dineen coffee co

Dineen Coffee begins to operate in North York about a decade ago in Dineen’s historic building, which is one of the oldest buildings in Toronto. They also open some other café in other locations of the city, including York Mills and Bayview. The new location of North York café features a cosy vintage vibe, with a number of furniture pieces.

  1. Café inside

At the café inside, you can Enjoy unique lattes with tasty toasts and cute shaped macrons. It is one of the best Korean-inspired cafés near Sheppard and Yonge. They also get the bingsu for guests in cups in summer. The other best thing about this café is its interiors with huge greenery and plants. If you want to try tasty Korean foods, you should visit this café.


  1. Another land coffee

Another land coffee is the charming café. It is the stuff of pastel dreams, with mismatched chairs and cute details. They choose their seasonal coffee from roasters within Canada and internationally. You are able to enjoy delicious coffee with locally sourced and homemade baked goods. If you want to visit a café to bring a fun experience, you should visit another land coffee café

  1. Baretto coffee

Baretto Coffee is considered the unassuming Italian café that is situated inside the office building. You are Never confused about the way when you are going to visit this café by knowing the location earlier. They serve you homemade paninis, pizzas, and paninis, along with authentic Italian coffee. They also offer many drink options to couples, like Ginseng Cappuccino. If you love to try cute latte art, you should ask them for the iconic teddy bear latte art.

  1. Starbucks reserve

The Starbucks Reserve is considered the cool and premium café that allows you to enjoy the rarest and special coffees. They have unique drinks you will never find in another popular coffee shop like Starbucks. Their unique drinks consist the cold brew floats and affogato. The drinks come in special Starbucks cups that are different from the regular cups. The decoration of this coffee place is cool, with the bar seating and industrial details.


There are the 7 best North York café to visit. You can create a fun experience in Canada by making food tours. All the above cafes are fantastic options to consider. The décor, food options, wide variety of drinks, bar seating, rich ambience, etc., make the café more best for people.

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