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Australian producer, actor, and director Peter Thurnwald was well-known in the entertainment business for his variety and talent. He attracted a lot of public notice because to his acting and filmmaking experience in TV and cinema roles.

Background and age of Peter Thurnwald

Peter Thurnwald was born in South Korea and adopted later by a family in Australia. He grew up on the Gold Coast of Australia and attended Somerset College, where he focused on sports and academics. The early life and upbringing of Peter Thurnwald play the lead role in making her career and personal journey.

As per sources, it is determined that Peter Thurnwald is 49 years old. He was adopted from South Korea and brought to Australia by the family that adopted him. The details of his adoption are kept private. Moreover, the ethnicity of Peter Thurnwald is traced back to South Korean heritage. As a South Korean individual of descent who grew up in Australia, the multicultural background of Peter Thurnwald adds diversity and depth to his identity and contributes to his ability to make the authenticity of his performances.

Family of Peter Thurnwald

The information about Peter Thurnwald’s parents is not present only. It is only come to know that he was adopted by an Australian family. The adopted parents of Peter Thurnwald play a crucial role in his upbringing and become a source of support during his actor journey.

Peter Thurnwald career

During the school years of Peter Thurnwald at Somerset College, he excelled in academics and anticipated sports the most. He continued his degree at Queensland University in physics and showed his initial interest in sciences. His acting passion led him to make a pivotal decision that made his future career.

Peter gained huge success with a small role in ” Young Rock” and became a big part of ” Players.” He plays a primary role in XO Kitty on the Netflix series that makes him popular. Now, he also joins the exciting projects like ” ENVY.” The career of Peter Thurnwald is going up because of his work and talent. People loved him most because of his acting.

Career in Acting

The acting career of Peter Thurnwald took off when he made the bold choice to leave his science degree behind and continue his dream of becoming a popular actor. From then, he made significant strides in the entertainment sector and showed his dedication and talent through his several roles in movies and TV shows.

Peter Thurnwald in XO kitty

XO Kitty is a heartwarming and fun rom-com series that comes on Netflix. It is about the Covey of Kitty’s song, played by Anna Cathcart, that sets him on a journey to learn about the late Korean mom and connect again with her boyfriend, Dae. It is portrayed by Choi Min Yeong.

This show is considered the spinoff of” To All the Boys I’ve Loved,” a beloved movie. Follow Kitty Song because it explores the information about Peter’s life and tries to make a long-distance relationship with Dae. It comes to know that the public will be ready for a lot of love and laughter in the new charming Netflix series. He produced the TV show and collaborated with Pathline Pictures. He also has a passion to direct movies and create storytelling and movies.

The net worth of Peter Thurnwald

Peter Thurnwald has done the same series and movies. He also works as the director of one movie. His major income source refers to his acting career as his profession. His net worth is estimated at around $800 thousand. His great potential in acting became an internationally successful star. Moreover, he also loves to play the guitar instrument in his free time. He guided the actors in Australia in the Gold Coast area.


The journey of Peter Thurnwald as the Australian emerging actor, producer, and director is filled with potential and promise. From his role in Bump to involvement in young rock and anticipated series, XO Kitty, the talent and versatility skills of Peter Thurnwald captivate his audiences continuously.

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