10 Affordable Bag Brands In Canada

Are you looking for the best affordable bag brands in Canada? If yes, then you should make the research first. There are many bag brands in Canada that provide you with bags at less prices than others, but all of them are not give great quality.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the top 10 affordable bag brands in Canada that give you quality also.

  1. Want les essentials

WANT Les Essentiels has worked in the bag industry since 2007. Today, it become the most popular brand of bags in Canada due to the premium quality handbags it provides.

The two co-founders of this brand,  Byron and Dexter Peart, are no longer active. But this brand in Canada continuously provides luxury, affordable, and quality handbags, accessories, clothes, stylish and comfortable bags, etc., to their clients. If you like to travel frequently or want to buy a quality tourist bag, then this brand is the perfect choice for you.

  1. Poppy barley

Poppy Barley is one of the best Edmonton-based companies that offers beautiful accessories and leather footwear. All the products offered by this bag brand are ethically produced because they use the responsible materials in Brazil and Mexico

Their leather products are the by-product of the production of food. You can also buy bags made of vegan leather from this brand in Canada

  1. Ela

Ela is also the best and most affordable Canadian bag brand in Toronto. They make eco-friendly and beautiful handbags for women.

They also manufacture the best belt bags for daily wear. You can choose the best bags in different styles and colours according to your choice. It is suggested to buy the lady bag from this brand, which features various strap interior components.

All of the bags from this brand feature the use of 100% recycled plastic bottles. They also give discounts and gifts to their clients, who shop multiple times from their stores.

  1. Pixie mood

Pixie Mood is another affordable Canadian bag brand that provides you with ethically made and vegan handbags, accessories, and wallets that are made up of eco-friendly materials.

The team of experts use recycled materials to manufacture bags there, including canvas, plastic bottles, polyester, etc. it is suggested to buy the super cute Blossom Backpack from this brand because it comes in large or small size. You can choose any of them according to your style and need.

The other best thing about the Pixie Mood bag brand in Canada is that they are constantly working to become more sustainable and are called a climate-positive company.

  1. Matt and nat

Matt & Nat is the best Canadian bag brand known for its products, nature, and materials. They sell eco-friendly and vegan bags to clients. This company set the mission to save the environment by manufacturing quality bags. For this, they use vegan quality materials and make the best bags to use.

The best thing is that they also started using plastic recycled bottles for all linings of products. There are around 21 plastic bottles used to make the bags by this brand.

  1. Samara

Samara is a renowned and operated bag brand in Canada. This company set aim to provide quality vegan leather handbags that are both functional and stylish.

The co-founders of the Samara brand are sisters who reside in Kenya. They produce solar-powered backpacks in Kenya and provide employment to many people.

As same as other fashion brands, the Samara bag brand also evolved from the designer’s failure and provided bag products that meet the client’s desire. If you want to buy designer bags in Canada that do not break the bank, Samara is the best choice for you. It provides you with quality bags with great customer support.

  1. Lambert

Lambert offers a great variety of high-quality leather vegan products, including structured handbags, briefcases, and backpacks.

They have a great range of bags and products for women lie between the age of 25 to 35 years who follow the latest lifestyle. Every bag manufactured by this brand makes the life of people easier to carry their things. To buy quality bags, you should simply visit the Lambert website.

  1. Riona

Riona is the most affordable Canadian bag brand that has a wide collection of bags on its site. It is only the brand that also has a collection of other brands in its store. Riona is the new brand of bags, and their complete collection of bags is made of vegan and eco-friendly products.

The affordable bag offered by this brand fits perfectly to carry daily. All the bags there have three interior compartments that allow you to store your essential things.

  1. Poppy and peonies

Initially, the poppy and peonies worked for the big brands in the US, but later they returned to Canada and set up their brand. Natalie Dusome is a co-founder who returned to Canada. She stands up her brand, named Poppy and Peonies.

She starts this bag brand by her daughter’s name. The best thing is that this brand of bag provides high-quality accessories in Canada and manufactures beautiful handbags.

  1. Eleven thirty shop

Eleven Thirty makes beautiful leather accessories, bags, and footwear. All of the products are handcrafted here at Toronto studio using Italian leather. This is the reason why they take some time to manufacture the bags and arrive at the client’s address point.

The best thing is that this bag brand also provides you with complimentary conditioning and cleaning of your bag.


Whether you are looking for designer bags or affordable bags in Canada, you should look at the above bag brands. You can easily find a wide variety of items and bags at the above brands.

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