10 Best Korean Fried Chicken Spots in Toronto

The boom of fried Chicken in Toronto is going up day by day. Known for its diverse culinary culture, Toronto satisfies you regarding Korean Fried Chicken.

Some known dining places serve you fried Chicken. But there are hidden treasures in the city that deliver delightful fries without compromising on quality. Look at famous and lesser-known yet great places to enjoy juicy, crispy, and tasty Korean fried Chicken.

Check out some Best Spots in Toronto where you can find delicious and yummy Korean Fried Chicken:

1. Mymy Chicken

It is a South Korean chain that offers fresh chicken fries to its customers. You can try Korean Chicken with a hint of beer and taste selected imported and local beer. You can try their Honey Garlic Chicken to the spicy Chicken. You can also try a bottle of soju or makgulli at Mymy Chicken.

2. Chicken in the Kitchen: 

It goes beyond clever wordplay and is a popular overseas location for fried Chicken. It gained fame after a popular South Korean TV show. Chicken in the Kitchen is a place that offers a unique mix of classic Korean fried Chicken. Here, you can enjoy cheese volcano chicken at just $39.99.

3. Burning Fridays

It is a Korean-fusion restaurant near Christie Pits Park known for its boneless fried Chicken. This cozy location serves various dishes, including boneless nibbles, crispy wings, and drumsticks covered in their proprietary marinade and roasted to perfection. If you’re from Scarborough, there’s an outlet near Sharon Garden.

4. Kore Chicken

If you plan to try air-fried Chicken in Toronto, Kore Chicken is the way to go. Kore Chicken is a must-visit for Korean fried chicken fans. It offers various sauces, from tangy honey mustard to traditional soy garlic and fiery gochujang.

5. The Fry

It’s a decade-old Korean fried chicken spot that opened its first store near Finch and Yonge. Currently, it operates across a range of locations in and around Ontario. You can try out classics like Soy Garlic Chicken and onion chicken. They have a very limited flavour, but you can try their Green Onion Chicken and Soy Garlic Chicken.

6. Galleria Supermarket

You can go for this place if you’re a Korean fried chicken fan craving something delicious in Toronto. It’s the best-known Korean grocery in Toronto. You can order sushi, fresh vegetables, prepared food, and more from the grocery.

7. Drunken Chicken

Drunken Chicken has something in store if you’re craving flavors beyond the traditional ones. You can enjoy a burst of flavor. When you treat yourself to the dish, you experience a confluence of Japanese and Korean cuisines. Try Korean fried Chicken, Creamy Garlic, Spicy Peanuts, and Burning Hell. You will surely enjoy them.


8. JJ Fried Chicken

JJ Fried Chicken is located in the heart of Elington West and offers bone-in and boneless Chicken. If you want to enjoy a side dish with yo KFC, try out Garlic Chicken Fries. you can also try their classic flavours such as Soy Garlic, Green Onion, cheese snow etc..

9. Pelicana Chicken

Probably the oldest franchise on the list, Pelicana Chicken offers its unique drink alongside succulent and juicy Chicken, which assures an unforgettable dining experience. You can have soy garlic and delectable spice with the fried Chicken, making it a fan favorite. You can choose from Pelicana Spicy Signature and Snow Cheese Ppurio. The pelicana Chicken

10. Dakgogi

Dakgogi is a gem in the heart of Toronto. Although it only offers a few dishes, the food is delicious and popular. You can pair several fry options with yo KFC, including bulgogi fries and spicy pork with kimchi fries. They only have a few dishes, but you can give them a try once their famous ones.


Toronto’s Korean fried chicken culture is a gem waiting to be explored. These 10 top Korean fried chicken locations in Toronto provide a range of substitutes to satiate your cravings, from classic flavors to creative choices. Enjoy the crispy, juicy deliciousness of Korean fried Chicken and the burst of flavors that makes it an enticing delight. So gather your pals, visit the restaurant, and choose your favorite one for this wonderful delicacy in Toronto’s dynamic metropolis.

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