Pumpkins After Dark: All You Need to Know about

Are the pumpkins after dark kid friendly or not? September shows the beginning of the fall season. When the invitations for the pumpkins after Dark are landed, we do not think to attend it twice.

This guide is written on the pumpkins after dark, the experience of people at this event, and many more facts.

What are Pumpkins After Dark?

Pumpkins after Dark boast 8,000 hard curved lines up along to 2.5 km drive-thru trail. It is an award-winning Halloween event that people can easily live.

It is one of the best outdoor events in Milton. It is in drive-through format and completely contactless. There are more than 200 displays made from a combination of craft pumpkins and real pumpkins.

Pumpkins After Dark starts from 17 September to 7 November, Thursday to Sunday nights, after dark. The event is held at 8560 Tremaine Rd Milton,  Country Heritage Park.

Are pumpkins after dark referred to scary

  • No, the pumpkins after Dark are referred to scary. Some of the sculptures are on the creepy side; most teens and adults find that it is not a scary event.
  • That is well said; it could be scary or overwhelming to a few children.
  • The market of Pumpkins After Dark is the best fit for the complete family. It is determined that some pumpkins after dark display horror.
  • There is no gore or blood, and nothing jumps out.
  • Some of the pumpkins After Dark display fear experiences for some people and may upset some kiddies.

Are pumpkins after dark kid friendly?

Yes, the pumpkins after Dark are kids friendly. Many teens and kids will appreciate the spooky and fun events due to the popular characters playing a role in this pop culture.

There is also an on-site bathroom for people before they enter an event. Keep in your mind that this is a nighttime event where you can easily drive via dark roads and watch the glow of giant sculptures under the sky at night. There are some kids who joined this event but find the environment overwhelming, uncomfortable, and scary.

Are you allowed to take photos of the event?

Yes, you are allowed to take photos of this event, but there are a few signs that suggest you avoid taking photos, so do not stay at this place for a long time.

As the Pumpkins after the Dark event is held at night, during Dark, you may face difficulty in getting shots. If you set the night mode on your phone, then you are able to get your good photos at the event.

You can easily click the picture in 10 seconds, but it needs to be clear. You can also use the flash of your phone to disrupt the experience of not getting nice pictures there

How to purchase tickets for pumpkins after dark event

You can easily buy the tickets for the pumpkins after the Dark event online by visiting the online site The pumpkins after-dark event tickets are sold in slots of 15 minutes time. Here are the tickets price to book for this event

  • $39 for the car, along with 2 passengers
  • $89 for a car along with 7 passengers
  • Kids under the age of 3 years are free to enter this event

The ticket price for the pumpkins after the dark event is changed sometimes. So, it is suggested to check the official sites and see the latest ticket prices

Pumpkins are not real

When people immediately enter this event, they face the drawback of the car rather than on foot. There are installed sculptures on both sides, so based on which car side you are sitting in, you see only half of them.

If you sit on the driver’s side, then you are unable to get a close look at pumpkins after the dark event. In this condition, the people realized that the pumpkins were not real pumpkins.


The Pumpkins After Dark is a frightening event for kids. Sometimes the teens also get fear experience from this event. On the other hand, some people get full of funny experiences by joining this event.

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