10 Best 24-Hour Restaurants In Toronto

Do you want to visit the best 24-hour restaurants in Toronto? There are many restaurants are open in Toronto that are available for 24 hours. Whether you want to visit the restaurants day or night or want to try delicious food, then you should visit the best restaurants given below in this article.

  1. Commisso Bros and Racco Italian bakery

commisso bros. & racco italian bakery toronto
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Commisso Bros and Racco Italian Bakery is a long-standing Italian bakery that has been working since 1957. They are famous in Toronto because of their fresh pasta, hot table filled, pizza, and authentic Italian eateries. It would be best if you tried their veal sandwich. You also grab the cannolis for dessert if you visit this restaurant. If you have the mood to taste something lighter, you can try their sandwich. You can also find this restaurant in other locations, like North York and Eglinton, West, that are also open 24 hours for clients.

  1. Kettleman bagels

Kettleman bagels
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Kettleman’s is 24 hours famous Ottawa bakery that offers Montreal-style bagels from the ’90s. Their location is Toronto, where they make the bagels by their hand inside this cool bakery. You can select the specific bagels from several bagel options available, including blueberry, garlic, and poppy seed. The best thing about this café is that you can select any of the bagels from the two dozen sandwich options.

  1. Grillies

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Grillies is a famous late-night restaurant that serves burritos, tacos, and burgers. It is open at the 5 top locations across  GTA. Their locations consist of Scarborough, Yonge and Dundas on Danforth, which are open 24 hours.

  1. Markham station

Markham station
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If you are in the mood to have a delicious dinner, you should visit Markham station. It serves you dinner staples and all-day breakfast at a light-filled restaurant in Scarborough. You can enjoy the classic breakfast Canadian staples from egg bennies to pancakes to omelettes here. If you have a craving to taste heartier food, then you should go with their steaks, burgers, and pasta. The location of this restaurant in Richmond Hill is open 24 hours.

  1. Pho Pasteur restaurant

Pho Pasteur restaurant
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If you want to taste the bowl of late-night pho, you should visit this pho Pasteur restaurant. They have the pho classic options for guests like bun reiu and bun bo hue. You also get Vietnamese food here like goi cuon, cha gio. If you want to get a sweet treat, then you should order the Sinh to Bo, which is the best avocado milkshake there.

  1. Perfect Chinese restaurant

It is another 24-hour Chinese restaurant that has been open in Scarborough for 40 years. Classic Cantonese dishes, like seafood and dim sum, are surely what you expect on the menu, including dinners with crab and lobsters. It is the best place in Toronto to visit if you have late-night cravings for authentic Cantonese food. The primary location of this restaurant is Sheppard Avenue, Toronto.

  1. Magic noodle

Magic Noodle is a casual restaurant in Toronto that serves you noodles, including stir-fried noodles, noodle soups, and dry noodles dishes. Here you find an extensive collection of Chinese noodles dishes, like dry dan noodles and beef tomato noodle soup. All noodles are hand-pulled, which makes them perfect for a delicious and chewy experience.

  1. Owl of Minerva

Own Minerva is considered the best Korean restaurant in Toronto. They serve the home style and authentic foods. You will surely love the LA Kalbi and Kamjatang, but all the other items boasted on the menu are also loved by people.

  1. Huh Ga Ne

Huh, ga ne is a modern Korean restaurant that is situated in North York and is open 24 hours. Here you find traditional Korean food from bibimbap and stews. They provide you with table cooking so that you can cook food easily at your table.

  1. West café

West café is a romantic café based in Toronto that is housed in three storey townhouse in Yorkville. They have been working in the food business for more than three decades.


Whether you want to visit the restaurants in Toronto during the day or have late-night cravings, you should visit these above restaurants.

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