Best Shows On Crave Canada

Crave features an immense amount of amazing TV programmes and shows worth watching a lot of whether you’re looking for some HBO gems or Showtime classics.

Despite all the streaming platforms available, I firmly believe Crave is worth joining.

Additionally, it’s one of the few genuine Canadian streaming services out there, and it also provides TV show captions in French.

You’ll surely find some fantastic TV shows and series that catch your interest on this list if you’re looking to decide what to watch on Crave.

In my opinion, the following Crave Canada TV programmes are the greatest to watch on repeat in April 2023.

1.Canada’s Drag Race

The Canadian version of the famous RuPaul’s Drag Race will have you grab your wig and clutch your pearls. Queens fight for the title of Canada’s Next Drag Superstar and a chance to win $100,000. Get ready for queen-worthy incidents, the sharpest one-on-one interviews, and, of course, astonishing attire and beauty looks.

If you enjoy the original Rupaul’s Drag Race, it’s time to say ‘bonjour’ to the Queens of the North in the Canadian edition, says Contractual Studio staff writer Jennifer. When you need to unwind and escape the ordinary with a little bit of drama a lot of sequin,this program is ideal.

2. Letterkenny

One of the top television shows on the global market right now is Letterkenny, a CraveTV original series. Letterkenny is about a group of farmers, hockey players and outsiders from a small Canadian town. It has a little plot but strong characters. The conversation is spot-on, and a funny timing adds to the humour. The dialogue is the key to Letterkenny’s humour. The show’s characters have the funniest conversations and interactions ever. The hockey players’ quick-fire exchanges, in which they frequently breach the fourth wall and address the audience directly, are a special delight. However, the entire programme feels new and original. Letterkenny is incredibly memorable, chock full of catchphrases and one-liners. All other TV comedy will feel derivative after watching this programme.

3.The Jinx

The 2015 HBO miniseries The Jinx is another outstanding documentary worthy of streaming. In the documentary, suspected killer Robert Durst discusses his life with filmmaker Andrew Jarecki, who earlier filmed the feature film All Good Things, featuring actor Ryan Gosling, on Durst’s life. The day before the documentary’s ending aired, Robert Durst was detained by authorities on suspicion of first-degree murder. This led to enormous media attention for The Jinx. The show specifically looks into the unsolved disappearances of Robert Durst’s wife Kathie in 1982, Susan Berman’s execution-style murder in 2000, and Morris Black’s death and dismemberment in 2001. Robert Durst himself provides some incredibly compelling information and testimonies.

4.Sex and the City

What else can be said about Sex and the City without being said a trillion times? This is a show that, more than ten years after it left HBO Television, still manages to be engaging and charming. The women of Sex and the City keep captivating viewers on television even after two films. Furthermore, all 94 episodes from all six seasons of this show are available on CraveTV. Sex and the City is a must-watch if you want to learn more about the differences between the sexes or just have a wonderful time laughing. Interestingly, despite having premiered in 1998, this series still seems fresh while television has advanced significantly over the previous 20 years.

5.OJ: Made in America.

We haven’t seen a more delicate documentary than OJ: Made in America that has been made in the last ten years. This ESPN documentary is absolutely electric. This documentary examines in great detail the social, political, racial, and sports events that shaped O.J. Simpson into the man he is today over the course of five segments and roughly eight enthralling hours. The documentary obviously focuses on Nicole Simpson’s slaying and the consequences of the so-called “Trial of the Century.” This documentary paints an intimate portrayal of the Hall of Fame football star who became the pariah of American society using previously unreleased footage and information that was put together from hundreds of interviews. The documentary is really compelling.


This strange and entertaining programme addresses artificial intelligence and what it implies for people.

HBO truly beat itself with this tense thriller thanks to a strong cast that included Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, and Thandie Newton, to mention a few.

7.The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale, a scary dystopian thriller based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, is written in Canada.Watching this continuous series featuring Elizabeth Moss will guarantee you plenty of suspense and sexual indignation.

8.True Blood

True Blood, another HBO classic that has consistently been a popular among viewers, is similar to the adult Vampire Diaries.

If you haven’t seen it, you should definitely try it out on Crave.

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