René-Charles Angélil Biography And Age

Who is René-Charles Angélil? René-Charles Angélil is a young Canadian age rapper. He is well known as the son of legendary pop, Celine Dion. He was born in Loxahatchee, Florida, USA, on 25 January 2001. He is an actor and rapper by profession. He is 22 years old and came into the limelight at a young age.

Who is René-Charles Angélil

René-Charles Angélil is a famous Canadian rapper who was born on 25 January 2001 in Florida, USA. He is a popular member of his family. He is a child of the pop sensation of Canada, Celine Dion, and pop singer RenE angElil. He belongs to the USA, and he has strong recognition among the public for his profession. He also attended the Billboard Music Awards 2016. Here, he met with Rihanna and also posted pictures on his Instagram.

René-Charles Angélil Bio

René-Charles Angélil is referred to as the richest and most famous family member who was born in Palm Beach, Florida, on 25 January 2001. During his career, he attended the Billboard Music Awards in 2016 and met with Rihanna. He also posted pictures with Rihanna on his Instagram.

Name René-Charles Angélil
Date of birth 25 January 2001
Birthplace Palm Beach, Florida
Net worth $1 to $5 million dollars

Birth of  René-Charles Angélil

René-Charles Angélil was born in Palm Beach on 25 January 2001. He hails from Florida. He is popular as the richest family member. He is the oldest of twin brothers, Eddy and Nelson. He is 22 years old, according to birthdate 21 January 2001. The first name of René-Charles Angélil comes from his father, Rene Angelil.

Both his parents, Rene Angel and Celine Dion, are Canadian residents. Canadians are recognized for their love for ice hockey, and René-Charles isn’t an exception. He is a big ice hockey fan and plays the game often. René-Charles is energetic on ‘Instagram,’ and frequently posts pics from his ice hockey fits. He once posted a video on ‘Instagram’ that featured him gambling with his crew.

Family of René-Charles Angélil

He is most well known as the child of the singer Rene Angel and pop Canadian sensation Celine Dion. With his parent’s background, he is known as a true Canadian citizen. Moreover, he also plays ice hockey in the Storm Nevada midgets AA league. If we talk about the siblings of René-Charles Angélil, the names include Anne-Marie Angélil, Jean-Pierre Angelil, Patrick Angelil, and Nelson Angélil. He has two young brothers named Nelson and Eddy.

Relationship of René-Charles Angélil

As per the current records available, it is come to know that René-Charles Angélil is single and not dating anyone. He even posts pictures with Rihanna on his Instagram, but nothing is available about their relationship. Also, no information is available about his past relationships. Besides the family, he does not disclose any other information.

Career of René-Charles Angelil

René-Charles Angelil has followed in the footsteps of his mother and father and pursued a career in the music industry. he made huge debut being rapper and host various tracks. He has a unique style and flow that set him apart from different rappers in the same industry. In addition to his music career, René-Charles has also been actively involved with philanthropic work. He has participated in many charity events and has raised the budget for diverse reasons. He has also been vocal about his guide for the LGBTQ+ network and has used his platform to elevate cognizance about relevant issues.

Net worth of René-Charles Angélil

René-Charles Angélil’s income or net worth is estimated to be $1- $5 Million dollars. He made this huge income from his profession as a rapper.


René-Charles Angélil is a famous Canadian rapper and well-known as a popular family member. He had a strong effect on the music industry. He has a unique flow and style that make him recognized in this industry.

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