The 7 Best Group-Friendly Bowling Alleys in Toronto

The Variety of Bowling Alleys in Toronto Is Wild

Toronto bowling can be the answer if you’re seeking for a really enjoyable activity to do with a group. You have your pick of the wild possibilities accessible in close proximity to the Greater Toronto Area.

You’ll be shocked by how far bowling alleys in Toronto have come and all the contemporary improvements. We’ve compiled a list of the top attractions in the city so you can… enjoy yourself!

Toronto’s Top 7 Bowling Alleys

The 7 Best Toronto Bowling

1. Bowlerama Rexdale

At Bowlerama Rexdale, bowling in the vicinity of Toronto has never been more enjoyable. The atmosphere is quite laid-back, and the staff is incredibly welcoming and helpful. The cool thing about this place is that there’s a mix of hipsters and elderly, which is always fascinating.

The cost of bowling is fair here. They put a lot of attention on cleanliness, so everything is spotless, from the facilities to the main bowling alley. All of this to say that bowling here is a lot of fun, especially for team or group outings!

2. C4 Centre

This bowling alley in Toronto is really situated in Scarborough and is accessible to the general public occasionally. You’re going to have a blast here no matter your age, especially if you come with a group or your family. Customers claim that the bowling at this lively location is the greatest in Toronto, and the staff is friendly. At C4 Centre, throwback bowling is at its finest.

3. Danforth Bowl

This tiny throwback bowling alley offers fantastic experiences on the lanes in addition to hot refreshments and draught beer. They provide disco bowling on the weekends, which is reportedly a blast.

At Danforth, the ‘ol school fun’ is genuine. And the owners, with their outgoing personality and first-rate service, really contribute to the establishment’s survival. Their allure is enhanced by the fact that everything, from bowling to food and drink, is reasonably priced.

4. Kennedy Bowl

At this enjoyable bowling alley close to Toronto, the food at the snack bar is merely an added treat. The entire time, your party will be having a blast. If you’re planning a team outing, this is a fun and reasonably priced bowling alley where you can gather and have a great time.

5. Parkway Bowl

If the members of your group are early risers, Parkway Bowl is the place for you because it opens earlier than other bowling alleys. The service is excellent, the staff is young and trendy, and despite the rather ‘old’ atmosphere, they more than make up for it with charm and affordable prices.

The 7 Best Toronto Bowling

6. Playtime Bowl

It’s time to play at the bowling alley in Toronto! They provide fantastic holiday events and provide a very welcoming and clean environment. Both the lanes and the bowling shoes are in excellent condition. Playtime can satisfy all of your needs and more if you and your party are avid bowlers!

7. The Ballroom

The Ballroom offers a really nice bowling experience in the heart of Toronto, making it one of the greatest bowling alleys in the city for good meals. This huge entertainment complex had 10-pin bowling, a rooftop patio, hundreds of TVs, and comfortable couches for lounging. If your company includes children, they are more than welcome here, and the costs are fair for this upscale bowling and dining experience.

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