10 Best Restaurants In Mississauga in 2024

What do you want to do in Mississauga? If you think about the airport immediately, then we do not blame you, but there are many more things to do in Mississauga. A foodie scene for guests makes the availability of the best restaurants in Mississauga that provide you delicious food there.

Restaurants In Mississauga

Whether you want to find the humble pop-and-mom shops for the best dining experience, you find it in Mississauga. There are many attractions and things to do in Mississauga that make you enjoy there. Here are the 10 best restaurants to must visit in Mississauga.

  1. Capra kitchen

The copra kitchen in Mississauga is the perfect blend of the local restaurant scene and national television. It is the best restaurant among all food chains in Mississauga. That was opened in 2017 as an Italian restaurant.

  1. Rick good eats

The buzzy and playful space of this restaurant matches the delicious food. It is situated in a commercial area that provides you with food in a blend of Punjabi-Canadian mashup. The Punjabi burger with achari mayo and tandoori bacon takes all attention, but the vegetarian dosa stands out among customers. Never forget to taste the crispy fries with masala or topped with butter chicken or chaat.

  1. Rogues restaurant

It is the best restaurant in Mississauga that provide you the traditional fine dining. They have worked like the white-tablecloth survivors in Mississauga for more than 30 years. The regular offerings of house-made pasta and scaloppini regulars, and other delicious make this restaurant the best.

  1. Lion City

Whether you are a newbie or have experience tasting the bowl of laksa lemak, lion city is the best restaurant for you. It provides a flurry of batik prints and historical maps to ease clients. You can easily round out your food with slippery smooth wat dan fun noodles in gravy eggs.

  1. Leela roti

As the name suggests, the Leela Roti restaurant provides doubles and roti to clients. The good ambiance of this place makes the customers happy at the core of Mississauga.  You should choose four of your favorites for a daily veggie platter, sweet pumpkin puree, sour tomato choka, and creamy spinach with flaky paratha.  Never forget the fiery goat and large roti.

  1. The hungry dragon

The hungry dragon restaurant is famous by the name of Mickey’s Dragon Pizza because it provides the large size pizza to customers. Before visiting this restaurant, you should check their opening hours because it close as soon as the dough is run out.  You can try the meat king dishes here, including meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, bacon threaten, etc.

  1. Guru Lakshmi

Guru Lakshmi is another best restaurant in Mississauga that provide you the delicious Divine dosas. The best thing is that there are two waiting rooms to control the people flow at this restaurant.  If you need the reservation and prepared yourself for brisk, then you can easily get friendly services here.  The crispy and tasty dishes of this restaurant are Mysore paste, paneer, only plain with dips, and dosas. These features make this restaurant best for vegetarian-friendly people.

  1. Colossus greek taverna

The spacy room and warm services of this restaurant give you a long-standing landmark feel of a Mediterranean taverna with the bustling port credit waterfront scenes outside of this restaurant.  You can stick the fork to all layers of exohiko and see the puff pastry, tomato, lamb and feta crumble layers into mouthwatering dishes.

  1. Szechuan noodle bowl

The Szechuan noodle bowl restaurant is considered the shadow of the funeral home. It is a well-known place to enjoy Hand-pulled noodles and other dishes by expert chefs with flash-fried Szechuan chicken with chilies or tofu.

  1. Apricot tree

Apricot Tree is the best European cheerful style cafe and favorite restaurant that has delivered the services for 25 years. This popular restaurant in Mississauga is grown from a small store. It flits between the Lunchables like creamy tarragon chicken crepe. At this restaurant, you can also try the chocolate Toblerone mousse cake and sophisticated sugar rush.


If you want to enjoy the delicious foods in Mississauga, then you can visit any of the restaurants mentioned above. You will surely fascinate by the dining experience at these restaurants.

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