Best Dim Sum Toronto

People in Toronto are so lucky because they have multicultural and diverse food locations here. You get the many amazing dim sum restaurants in Toronto.

If you do not try dim sum before, then you should visit the best dim sum restaurants in Toronto. You can visit anytime in the morning or during brunch hours because it serves clients all day.

Whether you want to enjoy the chicken food or dim sum, these restaurants are the best choice. This post makes the list of the best 9 dim sum restaurants in Toronto.

  1. Rol san restaurant

Rol San is the favorite dim sum restaurant for people who live in Toronto. Their chicken food with sauce and fried squid tentacles fascinate the clients and boats the dim sum menu.

You can visit this restaurant with your friends and dry the different dishes. This dim sum place is situated in the heart of Chinatown and serves delicious dishes till late at night.

  1. Ha gow dim sum house

This dim sum restaurant is well known in Toronto that serves casual Chinese dishes to clients. Even though it does not have a featured menu, you will surely get delicious dishes, like fried squid, pork siu mai, and beef tripe.

You can also book the Dim Sum Combo here, which consists of the siu mai, har gow, sticky rice, spring rolls, wontons, and dumplings. The friendly staff and delicious dishes that they serve to ensure that you get an amazing experience here

  1. Dine and dum

Dine and Dum is the best Chinatown restaurant in Toronto that serves delicious Chinese dishes to clients. Along with the classic dim sum experience, it provides you with fry dishes, magi, and lobster in Cantonese style. It is situated on Gerrard Street in Toronto.

With hanging lights and banquette seating, it is the best modern dim sum restaurant in Toronto. You can also visit the bar that is on the second floor of this restaurant.

  1. Rosewood Asian cuisine

At this restaurant, you can enjoy dim sum all day and Cantonese styles modern dishes. You can easily order dim sum from the unique menu and get an amazing experience. Moreover, you can also find other dishes here, like tofu, spicy beef tendon, dumplings, etc.

If you want to experience the upper-level mezzanine, make the reservation in advance. The opening time of this restaurant is 10 am to 3 am, and on weekends, it is open till 9 am.

  1. Sue fung dim sum canteen.

It is considered the Seasonally-inspired dim sum restaurant where you can find modern dim sum dishes. You find unique dishes at this restaurant as soup dumplings, abalone tart, etc. They work like a casual fast restaurant, so you can order any time easily at the counter and get the best experience in an aesthetically pleasing space.

If you want to have some fun at night, you may enjoy the tour to sue Fung dim sum restaurant in Toronto.

  1. August 8

If you want to taste the all-you-can-east dim sum, the August 8 restaurant is the best place. They served you delicious AYCE sushi.

The dim sum restaurant features a boastful menu and classic favorites to clients, such as chicken feet with black bean sauce, steamed pork shiu mai, etc. The sushi menu at this restaurant offers many fun options to clients in the form of sushi tacos.

  1. Yan Yu

At yan yu, you can enjoy the many dim sum and traditional Sichuan dishes. It is located in North York location. They do not have a huge variety of dim sum, but they still get many staples like siu mai, har gow, chicken feet, sushi, etc.

It is situated near where the 401 and DVP intersect, and it also provides parking space to clients and allows them to park their vehicles for 4 hours.

  1. Tak fu seafood restaurant

This dim sum location provides many dim sum classic dishes to clients. You can find a range of staples here, like curry sauce, steamed ribs, baby squid, rice noodles rolls, and many more. Keep in your mind that this restaurant charges $1 to every person when they order tea. The clients can easily make payments by debit card or cash.

  1. Pearl Chinese cuisine

This dim sum restaurant in Toronto has become a waterfront staple in the ’80s and serves delicious cuisines and dim sum to clients.

If you want to get the panoramic and gorgeous waterfront view from this restaurant, you can simply ask for a window table. If possible, book it in advance.


No matter which restaurant you visit in Toronto, if you choose the option from the above list, you will surely get an amazing experience.

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