10 best Taco spots in Toronto

Do you want to eat the best tacos in Toronto? Many people in Toronto eat the taco daily and are still not sick of it. People are also grown by eating homemade tacos.

People also enjoy making tacos at home and love to visit restaurants to eat the best tacos. There are a number of Mexican restaurants open in Toronto that give you the best taco for your budget.

In this article, we will tell you the top 10 taco spots in Toronto that provide juicy and delicious tacos.

  1. Seven lives

You can get authentic and amazing tacos at seven lives. The menu option here boasts the best Baja fish tacos. The seating for guest standing is limited here, but you bump elbows with new taco lovers.

This taco spot is situated at the Kensington market. You can also head to some vintage cafes and shops from this location. If you are a food lover, you will surely enjoy the Kensington market food tour, which takes you to some food spots in the neighbourhood.

  1. Tacos 101

Tacos 101 is situated at the Yonge & Dundas earlier. But now, it is situated in the lively Kensington Market. The best food in this restaurant is the carnitas tacos and AI pastor, which are super delicious.

This taco spot also shares space with Fruta Libre, which serves Mexican snacks in Cup. You will find colourful and fun murals in a small space, and they also received some neon signs.

  1. Wilbur Mexicana

Wilbur is another best taco spots that is listed at the top among all restaurants in Toronto. They offer wonderful tacos, and they always come with a side of nachos.

Here, you find unconventional taco options, consisting of the Korean-inspired bulgogi taco and avocado tacos. They also get a full-fledged and epic salsa bar to fill all salsa needs and wants.

  1. Playa cabana

Playa Cabana is the best taco spot in Toronto to visit if you want to get the great vibes. Along with the amazing vibes, you also get great tacos and drinks here. If you are going on the perfect date night, then the playa cabana restaurant is best for you.

Every taco food on this restaurant’s menu is made up of fresh ingredients and culinary traditions from regions of Mexico. All food is prepared on time here for customers.

They provide crispy yellow corn tacos and soft white corn tacos with cheese, so you can choose them according to your mood. Along with this, you find many options here, like the Pescado, carnitas, or lobster tacos.

  1. Campechano

If you want to taste the amazing tacos in Toronto, then you should visit the Campeche. Here you get many different tacos like chorizo con papa and barbacoa. All of the non-veg food here comes from raised animals that are sourced from meat shops and local farms.

They also serve some vegan options to clients, like hongos and rajas coliflor. For drinks, you can enjoy the Mexican beers and cocktails.

The King & Portland location of this restaurant is a little small but still cute, and their Italy restaurant is gorgeous, with a number of seating.

  1. La chingada

People in Toronto mostly love to try the all-you-can-eat sushi, but they also want to try the tacos. La chingada is the best restaurant in Toronto that offers both sushi and tacos to clients. The best thing is that you can get the 12 different varieties of tacos from here.

It also provides the AYCE, but it does not mean that their food is not amazing. Their tacos are best and also gluten-free. Vegan options are also available in tacos. In fact, they also make corn tortilla shells by using important corn straight from Mexico.

If you love to enjoy drinking, then this is the best place for you because it has a wide variety of 80 tequilas and mezcals to pick from. They also provide you with daily and happy hour specials during the week.

Taco spots

  1. Birria catrina

 Birria Catrina is a single restaurant in Toronto that specializes in birria, and you will need to pay some fees to visit there.

The menu of this restaurant boats the options all about birria, including birria ramen, Birria Bowl, and Birria Quesadillas.

You also get the Birria Tacos if you visit this place. It is suggested to visit this restaurant in Roncesvalles or stop heading towards the locations at Dundas Square or Kensington Market.

  1. Frisaca

Frisaca is referred to as the Queen West location that serves tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Mostly, all the tacos food here is made from scratch. You get a variety of dishes at this spot across Latin American and Mexican countries.

Everything from the hot sauces to tortillas is prepared at this place, which is pretty delicious. The best taco food options you get here are the chicharron,  Cochinita Pibil and Pollo Fajitas.

  1. Fonda Balam

Fonda Balam is one of the best popup restaurants that is called the Birria Balam. The menu options of this restaurant serve the best birria tacos in Toronto.

They serve more than only birria tacos, including taco de carnitas and taco de tinga de pollo. Here you find a wide selection of signature cocktails and craft beer, along with the best tacos.

  1. La carnitas

The prominent location of La Carnita’s makes it the best spot for a taco in Toronto. They serve the best tacos, including the pork belly AI pastor, carne asada, and Mexican chorizo.

The best thing is that they have some vegan tacos also, including vegan chorizo, sweet potatoes, and Mushroom Tostada. It is suggested to try the Mexican Street Corn at this restaurant and get an incredible taste.

Here you find the best unique and delicious appetizers like spicy scorpion wings and buttery Eight Spice Tiger Shrimp.


Here are the best taco spots in Toronto where you can get quality and delicious tacos. You get a wide variety of tacos from these spots.

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