Top 15 Vintage Clothing Stores In Toronto

Vintage clothes can ooze the refinement and charm. If you want to buy the best vintage clothes, then Toronto is the best place for this.

There are many top vintage clothes boutiques open in Toronto that are worth your visit throughout queen street, Kensington, to Dundas. These vintage shops provide you the beautiful and quality vintage clothes.

No matter whether you want to buy vintage clothes of chic styles, streetwear fashion, prom dresses, and professional blazers, the best vintage clothing stores in Toronto are best for you. To make it easier, we compile a list of the top 15 stores for vintage clothes in Toronto.

  1. Public butter vintage

Public Butter is the best vintage clothing store in Toronto, but it is a little difficult to reach there. It provides you with a big graphic T-shirt with more stylish clothes, like band tees and vintage sports tees.

  1. Siberia vintage

Siberia Vintage is a top-selected vintage clothing store in Toronto that deals mainly with women’s fashion. Siberia Vintage works like strolling into the wardrobe, and the music is the perfect blend of 90s pop. It provides the best selection of accessories, clothing, knitwear, faux, shoes, coats, etc to its clients.

  1. House of Vintage

House of Vintage has a variety of amazing vintage outfits. It may take some time to find the best clothing items, but you will surely be happy with shopping from this store. The denim collection is most popular among people who buy from houses of Vintage.

  1. 217 vintage

217 Vintage has the best trendy vintage clothes for fashionable people in Toronto. It is the best place to find faux designer jackets, suede jackets,  70s men’s corduroy coats, and the 90s bugle boy dad jean shorts, etc., that fit your style.

  1. People champ Vintage

People’s Champ store in Toronto is an amazing place to get vintage plaids, tees, jackets, sweatshirts, and many more collections. If you want to buy retro sportswear, then this store is perfect for you.   It is the best store for denim lovers because it provides you with the Harley Davidson, vintage Lewis, gap, and many more.

  1. 347 vintage clothing

347 vintage clothing store is located On the 2nd floor of 347 Queen St W. They have a wide variety of vintage apparel, like graphic tees, vintage sports goodies, and jackets, at a cheap rate. The cheap rate of vintage clothes available here does not mean that they compromise quality. You can surely get quality clothes from this well-organized, clean, and color-coordinated store. It is the best place to go on clothes shopping and treasure hunting with your friends.

  1. Throwback vault

Throwback Vault is the best vintage apparel boutique in Toronto that is popular with streetwear fans. They have several fantastic crewnecks and graphic t-shirts for customers. It is the best place for you to buy sportswear gear. In short, this vintage clothes shop is best for a sports person.

  1. Mama loves you, vintage.

Mama loves you VintageVintage is another best clothing store in Toronto that provide you with a large selection of unique items. This store selects every clothing item carefully every time and ships it to your destination place. They mend, wash, and steam the clothing products properly before make accessible to customers.

  1. Expo vintage

Expo Online is a type of personalized online store in Toronto. They have rare products and provide vintage clothes to their clients only by online medium. It means that local and international customers both can do their shopping from this store.

  1. Sub rosa vintage

Sub Rosa provides a great assortment of vintage clothes to their clients. When you visit this store, you should try every item at once, because of the beautiful style and design. The best thing is that the sub rosa vintage store in Toronto is well-curated, with a variety of excellent products you will adore.

Vintage Clothing

  1. Chosen VintageVintage

Chosen Vintage is the best Toronto-based real-life vintage store. This store features a broad selection of stunning contemporary items at affordable rates. They have unique clothes items from the popular brand, like zebra style dresses, 70s sheer, hot pink knee boots, etc.

  1. Vintage depot

Vintage Depot is the best place to visit if you want to enjoy streetwear and vintage clothes. You are able to choose a large range of vintage clothes from this store, mostly from popular and quality brands like Adidas and Nike. This vintage clothing store in Toronto carries a great variety for women and men that, includes sweaters, hoodies, accessories, outwear, pants, and shorts. All the clothes pieces you buy from this store are available in rich quality.

  1. Hi vintage

Hi, VintageVintage is the oldest store of vintage clothes in Toronto because it was opened in 2015. It is one of the best multi-brand vintage boutiques that sell old and new apparel, lifestyle, and accessories items. You can also access the variety of handmade, vintage fabrics from this store that is perfect for your chic style.

  1. Space vintage

Space Vintage store is open in Kensington Market and provides beautiful vintage items to their clients. You can easily find many flower skirts to corsets in different designs, as this is the best store for women. Along with this, you can also buy the charming antique here.

  1. Common Sort

Common Sort is considered the best store for both selling and buying clothes. As a result, it is considered the perfect store for the consignment business. Common Sort always provides a wide variety of incredible clothes products, and they are picky about what they purchase from individuals.


In Toronto, there are many vintage stores open. From modern to classic design items, everything is available at the above stores for you. The above list of vintage clothing stores has a variety of sportswear, 90s streetwear fashion, vintage cowboy boots, jewelry, etc., for you.

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