The 10 Best Yaletown Restaurants in Vancouver

Yaletown is considered a nice neighborhood in Vancouver. In fact, it is the best stay area in Vancouver because there are many hotels, apartments, and restaurants where the visitors can enjoy it completely.

The history of Yaletown is evident that there are many warehouse spaces available here with exposed beams and brick and train platforms that also give you a glimpse into the past.

Yaletown provides you with the best and most amazing waterfront views over lush green space and false creek. Such things make the major reason for people to visit Yaletown.

Also, another best reason to visit Yaletown is to eat delicious food. There are a variety of restaurants there that meet your cravings and needs within your budget. Read more to know about the top 10 Yaletown restaurants.

  1. Meet Yaletown

If you want to try vegan food options, then you should visit the Meet Yaletown restaurant. This restaurant is considered a new addition to meet the family. The location of this restaurant fits best into the mix with wrap around bar and exposed brick walls.

A bonus that they give to their clients makes the reason why they enjoy the visit every time to Vancouver. You feel cosy and enjoy the variety of delicious drinks and food that are best fit for you on rainy days in Vancouver.

  1. Provence marina side

If you want to try fresh West Coast seafood with French flair, then the Provence Marinaside is the best restaurant for you. This Yaletown restaurant has a chic and bright dining room if you want to feel modern and fancy. The best thing is that the location of this restaurant allows you to take the waterfront views on summer days in Vancouver.

  1. La Terrazza

La Terrazza is the best restaurant to visit in Canada if you love Italian food. This place gains a huge reputation for authentic and delicious Italian fine dining. An amazing dining room and dishes make this restaurant the best choice for people. It is the best place to go on a night dinner or date.

They start their business first with appetite and then extend themselves with the delicious sliced carpaccio and many more delicious food items.

  1. Bluewater café

The Blue Water Cafe is popular among people because of the seafood that they offer. If you love the seafood, then you should visit this restaurant in Yaletown.

A warehouse with exposed beams and bricks makes this restaurant the best choice for a fancy night out. It is suggested to must taste the seafood here, due to which the blue water café lived the reputation life in Yaletown.

  1. Small victory bakery

Small Victory Bakery is the best restaurant in Yaletown, where you can eat many delicious foods. In the city of Yaletown, brimming with coffee shops, this modern and bright spot provides you with the best-baked dishes.

Small Victory Bakery provides the best lunch and brunch options with items lie from toast, simple avo, and scones with cream and jam to chicken sandwiches.

  1. Robba da Matti

Robba da Matti is the best Italian restaurant in Yaletown. It earns a huge reputation and attention from people due to the best food items that they provide.

The Date Night Special is the best deal to get here, so you can choose your best meals and Merlot bottle and enjoy. Robba da Matti is the best place to visit if you plan your honeymoon in Vancouver.

  1. Minami restaurant

Minami restaurant is decorated beautifully with murals. This spot displays the popular Japanese attention in detail to people who visit this restaurant. This place in Yaletown prides itself on being a pioneer of aburi, Canada.

On the aburi side, the team of Minami tried the ebi oshi sushi and salmon oshi sushi, which made it fits for your visit there.

  1. Nuba in Yaletown

At the Nuba restaurant, people love the beam and brick style. They get an environment of great ambience, decoration, and fresh air seating. If you are going for a casual meetup with someone, then this restaurant is the best spot for you. You can try Lebanese food here from the menu boasting options.


Vancouver is a famous destination for food items. You can visit any of the above Yaletown restaurants and try the food of your choice.

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