Best coffee shops in Toronto

Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Toronto? From independent coffee chains to cozy cafés, there is a number of options available in Toronto to enjoy a cup of coffee. This post will tell you about the top 7 coffee shops in Toronto where you can go with your friends or family.

  1. Fahrenheit Coffee

Fahrenheit is a popular coffee shop in Toronto where you can visit and get an amazing experience. They provide you with a seasonal rotation of 3 espresso origins. The funniest thing about this coffee shop is that it allows you to take a pick of beans for your coffee drinks. They also provide you the options in cortados, espressos and macchiatos for your best experience.

  1. The library’s specialty coffees

The Library Specialty Coffee is considered a chic Aussie-style coffee shop that serves you pour-over coffees and espresso-based drinks.

The best thing is that this coffee shop uses quality milk from Sheldon Creek Dairy and oat milk from macadamia nut milk and Minor Figures. It is known as the most underrated and beautiful coffee shop in Toronto, that surely worth your visit.

  1. NEO coffee bar

NEO is one of the modern Japanese bakeries and coffee shops that serve innovative pastries and delicious coffees to their clients. They provide you the house blend coffee that is medium roast and single-origin from Brazil.

If you are more than a tea person, then you should visit this coffee shop because it serves you an extensive selection of Japanese green tea like matcha and hojicha. It is suggested to must try the pair of coffee with incredible Japanese pastries and get the most out of your experience.

  1. De mello coffee

De mello coffee is the most award-winning café in Toronto from all over the world. You can easily find the beans of coffee at this café.

The original location of this De Mello’s original is Yonge & Eglinton. The best thing about this coffee shop is its fun and eclectic interiors. They also have two other locations, Spadina & Front and St. Clair, that give it a modern look.


  1. Pilot coffee roasters

Pilot coffees roaster is the most popular café in Toronto that serves you a rotating selection of coffees and signature espresso blends. Moreover, they also serve nitro cold brew to their clients, which is best fit as a summer drink. They also have other locations in the city, including the light-filled Richmond spot and Ossington coffee shop.

  1. Hale Coffee

Hale is referred to as the independent coffee shop in Toronto. It is the café that sources its beans from direct trade relationships with farmers all over the world.

They also have some locations in Toronto, like the midtown Toronto junction. The interior of this coffee shop is stunning, with the best décor and unique touches like hanging plants.

  1. Propeller coffee company

Propeller Coffee company is situated in the neighborhood of Junction. It is known as the Toronto micro-roaster that serves you delicious coffees. The best thing is that they can get the beans of coffee from direct trade relationships with farmers. They provide the top quality taste of coffee to their clients.

They are B Corp certified, which means that they are good for the environment and humans also. It is suggested to must visit this industrial-chic coffee shop and enjoy their artisanal espresso drinks here.

  1. Moonbean coffee company

Moonbeam is one of the best small-batch coffee roasters and café. It is located in Kensington Market, and they serve roasted coffee to their clients.

You can find a wide range of direct trade, fair trade organic and seasonal coffees if you visit this coffee shop. But the thing is that there are limited seating arrangements for people inside the café, but they have back and front patios in the summer months in Toronto.


If you want to get the amazing experience of pour-over coffee in Toronto, these above-mentioned coffee shops are best for you. Once you visit these shops or try the coffee, you get the most out of the experience.

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