The Best Indoor Play Places in Calgary

When the winter season comes, the children are toddlers; the parents are looking for the best indoor places. As we know, the winter season is cold, and children are suggested to stay inside. The best thing is that there are many cool indoor play places available in Calgary for children. If you also want to find a safe indoor place for your kids to play, read this article.

  1. Hide and seek an indoor playground.

One of the largest indoor play places in Calgary is the hide and seek. It has a big area for old age kids and two small locations for children.

The big climbing structure of this playground with huge slides takes up half the indoor playground space for kids. When the kids climb through the playground structure, there are many obstacles and tunnels comes.

  1. Kidz goes indoor playground.

Kidz Go is the biggest indoor playground that has a huge area for kids to play and eat hot food like pasta, pizza, burger, rice, etc. It has a large sitting area with many TV and tables.

The area is carpeted and has a small soft climber, various cars for playing and sitting, and other kids’ toys. These things make this place the best playground for kids in Calgary.

  1. My Gym

My Gym is one of the different playgrounds in Calgary that has structured play for children. It also has a fitness centre for big kids. It helps kids in their physical development through coach-led classes. This play place is best fit for kids of age from  6 weeks- 10 years old. Coaches here also incorporate dance, music, sports, games, and gymnastics for kids. This playground has more than 700 locations in over 30 countries and results n the development of childhood.

  1. Early learning centres

Calgary public libraries have 12 locations in Calgary. It features play areas where the children learn by playing with different themes. There are drawing tables, reading books, and blocks available for kids to play and keep them busy. Every learning centre associated with this playground is built with a different theme, like forest, jungle, and dinosaurs.

  1. Creative kids museum

The experts in Children’s development designed the creative kids museum at spark centre science centre. It has a big playground for newborns to 8 year old where kids can develop and embrace their skills.

Kids can freely play at this playground and have a lot of fun throwing balls, splashing water, and creating a large mess. The Creative Kids Museum has many play sections for children.


  1. Treehouse indoor playground

Treehouse indoor playground is a small side space but provides the opportunity for kids to perform many activities here. The half space of this playground is associated with climbers, and it becomes perfect for of all ages kids. There are many obstacles, ways, and tunnels available for kids to climb up. Toy Room is best designed for young age kids with the big ball pit. A small track for race features the wheel cars that ride around kids.

  1. Indoor playground at Devonian Gardens

Devonian Gardens is one of the most beautiful greens within the core shopping centre in downtown Calgary. There are more than 600 trees and plants that form various gardens and living walls.

This is the best North Garden in Calgary that features an indoor play place. There are many slides, rope climbers, and climbing walls. The best thing is that the kids always enjoy this playground, and adults also while playing the piano here.

  1. Flip factory

This indoor playground in Calgary is considered as the warehouse earlier. But now, it has been converted into a massive gym club that best fits adults and kids. They are open for kids for registered classes. For kids, there are safe drop-in options available on Tuesday. The whole floor of this playground in Calgary has soft play, climbers features, and a bouncy castle.

More drop-in options consist the tween and teen training,  Family drop-in, gymnastics classes, adult open training, circus, parkour, and trampoline classes.


All the above-mentioned indoor playgrounds in Calgary provide camps and birthday parties. Before booking these places or visiting there, check the details on their website.

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