Top Gymnastics Centres for Kids in Ottawa

Kids love to jump and look for the best ways to jump, roll and bounce. In terms of this,  gymnastics is an amazing opportunity for kids because it helps them to burn off their energy and learn new developing skills.

Gymnastics develops strength skills in kids and gives them a chance to have fun together. There are many gymnastics centers here your kids learn and boost their interest in sports. This article will tell you about the top gymnastics centers for kids in Ottawa.

1. Ottawa gymnastics centre

Ottawa gymnastics centre is situated in Westboro. It was established in 1960. This is the reason why I know a lot of things about creating the gymnastics program for children and gaining a lot of love from them. Whether your kids love to participate in a competitive or recreational program, families in Ottawa are come here for decades and built the gymnastics fundamentals.

Ottawa gymnastics centre
Image Source: Ottawa gymnastics centre

2. Corona School of Gymnastics

This gymnastics centre is the best for kids 5 years old. It provides the chance to children to participate in recreational programs, where they pass levels one by one and learn the skills. Competition games are also provided to children 8 years old and above who want to engage in trampoline/ acre classes. If your kids are not comfortable learning things in a group, then you should choose a private setting for them.

Corona School of Gymnastics
Image Source: Corona School of Gymnastics

3. Starr Gymnastics and Parkour

There are three locations located in Ottawa for Starr Gymnastics and Parkour Centre. It also comes under the top gymnastics centres in Ottawa, where your kids learn a lot of things. Childrens love the recreational gymnastics program and parkour class because it allow the kids to embrace their ninja skills and become more better. It is suggested that kids 1-5 years old join the drop-in program at this centre.

Starr Gymnastics and Parkour
Image Source: Starr Gymnastics and Parkour

4. Tumblers gymnastics

There are competitive and recreational programs available at this centre for girls and boys. This is the best gymnastics centre located in Orleans. Classes are provided in the year and consist of the kinder gymnastics program for the kids. The best thing is that this centre provides after-school programs to kids in areas where they are allowed to play, practice, and get the homework done as part of the childcare experience.

Tumblers gymnastics
Image Source: Tumblers gymnastics

5. Kanata rhythmic sportive gymnastics

Kanata rhythmic sportive gymnastic centre is the best centre for girls aged 4 and older. They can register for the learning classes at this centre. Here, the kids are learning about healthy bodies, rhythmic gymnastics and movement. There are pre-competitive, recreational, and competitive programs available at this centre. Their website provides complete details about tryouts and schedules.

  1. Olympia gymnastics

With classes for children of all ages, with game ninja zone, we determine why families love to visit the Olympia Gymnastics in Stittsville. The ninja zone here is for children of ages 4-6 and 6-11 who can provide obstacle course training to them. Moreover, it also comes with parkour that puts discipline in the kids, from martial arts to unique programs. Other opportunities provided by this client to kids consist of the trampoline, power tumbling and beginner gymnastics. It is the best centre for all levels of kids.

Olympia gymnastics
Image Source: Olympia gymnastics

7. Kanata gymnosphere

At Kanata Gymnosphere, there is no lack of opportunities for kids. With classes that consist the little ninjas, parkour, gymnastics, and more, all childrens can easily find the program to inspire them with more rolls, jumps, and tumbles. Additionally, after-school programs and drop-in opportunities are available for kids that they love when they come for the free trial class.

Kanata gymnosphere
Image Source: Kanata gymnosphere

8. Alta gymnastics club

Alta Gymnastics Club is a well-known gymnastics facility in Ottawa that takes pride in its dedication to quality. Children are taught proper technique, strength, and flexibility by their knowledgeable teachers, allowing the youngsters to advance in the sport. The club provides leisure classes, athletic programs, and specialist instruction in sports like trampolines and artistic gymnastics. Alta Gymnastics Club is a well-liked option among prospective gymnasts due to its emphasis on talent training and personal growth.

Alta gymnastics club
Image Source: Alta gymnastics club


Here are the best gymnastics centres for kids in Ottawa. If your kids also want to do jumping, rolling, and bouncing activities, these are the best centres.

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