Best Indoor playground in Toronto and GTA

As the climate gets cooler,the city perk and other outdoor attraction start to losetheir charm at least to us adults.The places are still good to visit for your family but sometimes you want to be somewhere. In Toronto and GTA there are many indoor playgroundsto be suitable for children.

There are 11 of Toronto indoor playground.These playgrounds are known for the cleanliness ,the various of activities .It also help to keep your kids happy and entertained.

All the playground are open anytime .They offer mostly in weekend when youwant to spend the good time with kids.For the public access , many of them offer birthday parties and provide all the facilities which are to be required.Indoor play places make kids more enthusiastic and help them to develop into strong and healthy.


Indoor playground in Toronto

1. The Bubble

65 A Orfus Rd., Toronto

This place is not the traditional playground but sometimes it’s good to mix it up. The Bubble offer more fun and excitement to the both kids and adults.The space is filled with many attractions and games which help to keep happy to the visitors.There are also big area and plenty of space to celebrate the birthday party of kids.The cost of 55 minutes of ‘Jump time’ is near about $55 per person. It offers the discount of $115 to the family for four people.The Bubble is surely providinggood experience

2. Bunch of Fun Playland

11B Kodiak Cres., Toronto

Bunch of Fun Playland is a family entertainment place. It has two amazing and colorful playgrounds one aimed at toddlers and other aimed for the kids of four years and above. It also focuses on adults. In this playground the kids paint a piece of clay and other younger are play games and other activities. Bunch of Fun Playland provide fantastic play area and good food to the kids and family.$13 is the drop-in fee of this playground.

3. Epic Fun on planet.

24 Lebovic Ave.Unit C2, Toranto This playground is for all age group people and interest.You can play with your younger one in separate area and your older kids can play on multi- level play structure . The free wi-fi are also offer for the parents.This place also offers the space for the birthday parties and provide four rooms for the purpose.The pass start at $’12.99 per child along with one adult for two hours to the indoor play gym.There is also $’10.99 pass for siblings and various packages are also provided .

4. Extreme Fun

186 Bartley Dr., Toronto

This place offer all kind of ways to keep the kids busy all the time.The playground has 15 foot high-play structure, complete with slide of course,a giant jumping castle,a drama/dress up room,air hockey and foosball table and many more.Cafe are available for the adult.It also offers birthday parties packages.It is coolest family entertainment place. General admission price is $10,for siblings it is $8 ticket.

5. Happy Kingdom

Nation Experience,1980 St. Clair Ave W., Toronto

An indoor playground inside grocery shop makes odd sound it’s actually good. In Happy Kingdom one adult can stay with kid and can enjoy the food.It is massive playground with an arcade and separate rooms for parties.Various packages for birthday functions are available. The price changes as per the day of week and size of kid. The entry fee start at $14.99

6. Jump for Joy

1472 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Jump for joy is situated at right on the Danforth, a short stroll from either the Greenwood or Cowell subway stops.It is good for kids under seven year.Older kids come and play with their younger siblings on indoor climbing structure and with the toys.There is also separate section for babies/ toddlers which keep them very active.The drop-in fee is $22 for child and adult.Kids under eight month are free to go.The fees for two kids and adult is$34.After- care program, parents relief program are also offer in this playground ,center staffwill charge $24 fortaking care of your child when you spend a me- time.

7. Just for Fun

689 Warden Ave ., Toronto

In this playground there is big indoor play structure that more spacious enough for the adults. Toddlers will enjoy the play and older will also free to play many games like air hockey table, basketball net and many more.There is also virtual space,a gaming den and tag area.The entry fee to the one child and one adult is $14 .For other activities the additional fees is to be charged.

8. Kids Fun Town

2071 Danforth Ave., Toronto

The one playground found right to the Woodbine Subway path is Kids Fun Town while other are located in out-of-the-way spaces.This playground is best suited for the kids ages form nine month to seven year.Climbing structure,a bouncy castle ,lots of creative plays toys are there in Kids Fun Town.For toddlers,there is separate area for playing and toys.For parents there is free wi-fi service and many party packages are also available.All day pass for kid is $13.99with adults costing $7.99

9. Midtown’s Tiny Tots

745 Mount Pleasant Rd.Toronto

Along with daycare, hosting Birthday parties and camps, Midtown Tiny Tots also offers its activity centre which is best for the toddlers.Various sensory and mobile toys,a large paly structure and even mini- coaster is offer to your kid.It also offerco-working option, where some will take care of your kid when you get some work with charging a fees.All the play spot must be pre- booked.The rate for activity centre is $15.50 per hour.

10. Playground Paradise

Flemingdon Community Centre 150 Grenoble Dr Toronto.

Are you aware about that City of Toronto run its very own large Spacious and completely free indoor playground? The playground Paradise is located inside the Flemington Community Centre.It features climbing apparatuses,slides and a larger than lifetree.The kids of age 12 and just heads up are welcome to the playground. The snacks and beverages are not provided in this zone ,so feed kid before you head out.

11. Sprouts

183 Carlaw Ave., Toronto

If you are searching for more of a pleasant environment where your six-year-old kid can practice without getting in a way of “big kids” this playground is an ideal fit.

Many play structures, climbing apparatuses and rockers are there in Sprouts. Adults can enjoy complementary  coffee or tea as well. Numbers of classes,Camps and birthday parties’ package are also offered by Sprouts.$21.95 is admission cost for drop-in play for one child and adult or $31.95 for one adult and two children.

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