Chanteurs Masqués (TV Series 2021) – Cast And Crew

Chanteurs Masqués is a Canadian French language reality-making, song competition TV collection primarily based on the South Korean television series King of Mask Singer. The collection premiered on September 19, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. (EST/EDT) on TVA. It shows how does celebrities make songs while concealing their identities. It employs panelists who guess the celebrities’ identities by decoding clues provided to them in the course of the collection.

Plot of Chanteurs masqués

On a colorful and festive degree, host Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge welcomes a huge range of cherished Quebec celebrities for a friendly opposition aimed toward determining who can supply a satisfactory overall performance. Each guest’s identity is kept secret as all of them perform in outlandish costumes. As the season advances, our judges and viewers can be given clues to try to unmask the celebs hiding below the costumes so they can ultimately pick out the exceptional singer of all of them.

Production of Chanteurs masqués

In February 2021, it was announced that Quebecor Media had received the right to air and bring The Masked Singer format to Canada. The collection was confirmed to air on Quebecor’s manufacturing organization Groupe TVA’s network TVA in September 2021 after filming was completed in August 2021.

Host and panelists

Actor Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge became announced as the main host of this system, while the introduced panelists consist of comic Sam Breton [fr], singer Véronic DiCaire, singer Marc Dupré, actress Anouk Meunier, and comic Stéphane Rousseau

Meunier won the Golden Ear as the panelist with the most correct guesses as to the performers’ identities at some stage in the season; however, Rousseau became the most effective panelist to efficiently become aware of the very last winners.

Know the Cast of Chanteurs masqués

  • Guillaume Lemay-Thivierg

Guillaume Lemay-Thivierg is a Quebec actor and movie manufacturer. He is well known for starring in  Quebec films Nitro and Les Three Petit Cochons in 2007.

  • Stéphane Rousseau

Stéphane Rousseau was Canadian comedian and actor who was born September 17, 1966. He starred in the Academy Award-prevailing film The Barbarian Invasions. He has additionally been in Asterix at the Olympic Games (2008). His contemporary movie is the French comedy Fatal, a Zoolander-kind spoof of the tune industry focusing on the individual Fatal Bazooka created via Michaël Youn. He is considered among the panelists on Chanteurs masques, the adaption of singer masked franchise

  • Anouk Meunier

Anouk is most richest and popular host of TV Show whose date of birth is April 23, 1980, in Canada. Television host and comic most famous for her works on La Voix and XOXO. This exposure helped her gain 120,000 subscribers on her personal Instagram account.

  • Marc Dupré

Marc Dupré is Canadian musician, songwriter and singer who was born on July 28, 1973. His first album release became Refaire le monde in 2005. It blanketed “Tout près du bonheur” with Céline Dion. The song was written with the aid of Dion, and a song video was also launched that was shot in Nevada. At the Gala Artis in Montreal in 2006, Celine dion gain the tune with Dupre

  • Véronic DiCaire

Véronic DiCaire is Canadian Ontarian Franco Singer who was born in Embrun. She started her profession in the organization Sens Unique, after which she had a position in Montreal, Quebec, as a model of the musical Grease. Her voice was also used within the French language model of Chicago, in which she sang the components touching on the role of Roxie Hart.

  • Sam Breton

Sam is a brilliant Canadian humorist. “Comedian” is the word that best portrays his calling. With regards to his performing vocation, he has been adulated for his exhibitions in movies, for instance, ‘Julien Lacroix’ (2014), ‘Dans Mama tte’ (2016), and ‘Juste pour rire’ (1995).

Humorist Sam Breton has been featured in a Wikipedia profile. His Wikipedia page has more than one statistic about him. It moreover offers a brief biography of him. On Wikipedia page, you may find out about the subject of his appearances in network shows, movie scenes, and online recordings.

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