The Best Spots For Family Brunch In Ottawa

Brunch is considered a little different these days for kids, but it does not mean that you can not enjoy the morning with hot coffee and delicious brunch. There are many family brunch spots in Ottawa that not bring the best experience for kids but also grown-ups.

  1. Zaks diner

Zaks Diner has many locations in Ottawa that provide different brunch options to their clients. The milkshake of Zaks dinner boasts the menu. You will surely add a milkshake to your order. One milkshake from this place will feed many kids because of the large quantity that comes in it.

Choose from crème or lox cheese, eggs benedict, sausage, classic breakfast with bacon in Canadian style, thick French toast slice. The team of Zaks Dinner serves breakfast all day long and makes quality brunch that works for you. This is why it is considered the best family brunch spot in Ottawa.

  1. Chateau Montebello

When you make the one-day trip to Ottawa, you should visit the Montebello. It is only 45 minutes away from Ottawa. If you spend a fun day with your family and enjoy the best brunch option, then the Chateau Montebello is the best choice. The best thing is that this spot opens Sunday brunch for the public once a time in a month. If you also want to get the experience of Sunday brunch, you should book it in advance.

This place serves delicious crepes, maple syrup, omelets, fresh pressed juice, yogurt with extra toppings, and many more. The best place to enjoy brunch with your family in Montebello is this spot only.

  1. Elgin street diner

If you are a local in Ottawa and want to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the morning after a night out, then you should visit Elgin street diner. You can enjoy a laid-back atmosphere here that provides delicious portions and great services. They have more than 20 years of experience in satisfying the brunch need of people.

It is a popular spot for family brunch in Ottawa because of its cheap eats with great portions and the best quality. The quality of food available here makes this spot a preferred option for families.

You can get an endless variety of food here, but the milkshakes offered by Elgin Street Diner win the customer’s heart. The quick services, affordable food prices, and classic breakfast options make this spot more popular in Ottawa. The best thing is that after finishing your food here, you can see the nature museum and have more fun with your family. You can explore the dinosaurs, birds, and mammals at this museum.

  1. The Belmont

The Belmont serving style with the slogan ” anytime is right time for Belmont” ensure that their clients are never disappointed with the brunch options.

The price of bottomless mimosas here is $25 per person, and different options range from classic eggs, full Belmont, bacon, sausage, potatoes, warm biscuits, etc., that you can try at the Belmont. If you and your family love the appetites and palettes in Ottawa, then this spot is best for you.

  1. The king eddy

King Eddy is well known in Ottawa as the family brunch option because of the best breakfast sandwich that they serve. If you visit the Byward market or want to enjoy brunch with your family, you must visit this place. The availability of brunch here is 8 am to 4 pm daily, along with some breakfast items they serve late at night to their customers.

With caesars and mimosas flowing for kids and adults brings an enthralling and enjoyable experience for them.

  1. Al’s diner

If you never spend a lot of time in the Westboro area, then you may not hear about Al’s dinner. It is one of the best gems that is situated in an industrial part of the Westboro area. When you visit this spot, you see many locals here who come for a delicious breakfast every week. The reason why they come week after week for breakfast is the quality that they provide in all food options.

The place in Ottawa that give you the true dinner style and breakfast also is Al’s Dinner. You can place an order for breakfast here all day long. It means there is no problem with time; you get your breakfast at any time. Also, if you want to get the benefits of a quick stop, this brunch spot is best for you.

  1. Chesterfield gastro pub

If you want to experience the great food and ambiance together in Ottawa with your family, then the Chesterfield gastro pub is the best place. The name of the gastro pub has come after the unique Canadian word, chesterfields. This name is selected to represent the community and comfort.

The best thing is that the team of Chesterfield gastro pub is worked friendly with their staff, clients, suppliers, and guests, and it has a community restaurant. The reason why this spot is famous for the best brunch with family is that they make fresh homemade food. Their menu boasts classic brunch options with occasional twists.

  1. Wellington diner

It is the traditional brunch spot best for families in Ottawa. This traditional dining place makes quality food by using fresh ingredients. It is a lovely spot to enjoy brunch with your family. Thanks to the family-friendly and casual vibe of this restaurant which amazed the customers. They served breakfast to their clients all day long when they wanted to take it.

The menu of wellington diner in Ottawa also consists of a range of food options, like cheese curds, breakfast poutine, traditional breakfast, and many more.


These are the top 8 spots for family brunch in Ottawa. You can enjoy a lot at these spots with your family and kids. According to your budget, style, and taste, you can choose any of the above family brunch spots and get the most out of an enjoyable experience.

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