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In the world of entertainment, everyone must have heard the name of YouTube. YouTube is a very big platform of entertainment in which we can share our videos and watch the videos of others. Similarly, we can watch movies, songs and informative videos at home on our mobile and computer. If we can see, then from this we can know how important role YouTube plays in our daily life.

There are some videos which we like so much that we want to store them in our computer or mobile phone, so for that we have to download them. To download it, we have to take the help of other websites from which we can download YouTube videos.

What is YouTube Video Downloader?

YouTube Video Downloader is a website with the help of which we can download any YouTube video and store it in our file manager. These websites are absolutely free and you can easily find them on the internet. But there is a risk in some websites like virus or malware because while downloading the video, the risk of virus getting into our file manager increases.

How does YouTube Video Downloader work?

For this, first of all you have to go to YouTube and copy the link of the live video you want to download.

After copying the link, you have to go to Google and search by typing YouTube video download.

After searching, you will get many options out of which if you click on any of them, an option will appear in which you have to paste that copied link.

After pasting that link, you have to click on the OK button and a page will open in front of you in which you can download that video, which can be easily done by going to the file manager of your phone or PC.

Is it risky to download videos from YouTube Downloader?

If we talk about whether it is safe to download videos from YouTube Downloader or not, then there is no proof that it is safe because these are third party websites which allow us to download videos. But it is not known how safe it is because some websites can increase the risk of malware or virus entering our system, which is why we should do this very carefully.

5 YouTube video downloader name

Although there are many websites on the internet which help us in downloading YouTube videos, but we are talking about some websites.



Through this post, we have given information about YouTube Downloader to our users so that they can understand it well. Hopefully, it will be very helpful for all the users.


Our aim is not to do any kind of promotion. Our job is only to provide information to our users.

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