Best Coffee Shops In Toronto and Near By

To escape from the hustle and bustle of life and relax, everyone looks for a cafe to sip tea or coffee. In such a situation, you have to meet your girlfriend for the first time or make a business deal. So coffee shop can be a good place.

There are many coffee shops in Toronto City where you can go with your loved one and spend some loving moments while drinking coffee comfortably.

Best Coffee Shops In Toronto, Canada

Toronto has plenty of cafés with delicious pastries, strong espresso and charming decor. If you are in Toronto and looking for cafes near you, this post may help you. We have also given some cafes and their addresses below.

1. Jimmy’s Coffee

A lovely café in a tranquil and beautiful environment featuring local art. It serves espresso-based drinks and baked goods.

Address: 107 Portland St, Toronto,

ON M5V 2N3, Canada

Contact: +1 416-901-2289

2. Rooster Coffee House

It serves espresso drinks and baked goods in an industrial space with huge windows and a seating area that looks very inviting.

Address: 568 Jarvis St, Toronto,

ON M4Y 0C1, Canada


Phone Number: +1 647-530-4779

3. Versus Coffee

Address: 70 Adelaide St E, Toronto,

ON M5C 2R6, Canada


Contact Detail: +1 647-987-5470

4. Manic Coffee

Address: 426 College St, Toronto,

ON M5T 1T3, Canada

Phone: +1 416-966-3888


5. NEO Coffee Bar

Address: 161 Frederick St Unit 100, Toronto,

ON M5A 4P3, Canada

Order At:

Contact Detail: +1 647-348-8811

Coffee Shops near me

6. Tandem Coffee

Address: 368 King St E, Toronto,

ON M5A 1K9, Canada

7. Pilot Coffee Roasters

Address: 983 Queen St E, Toronto,

ON M4M 1K2, Canada

Order At:

8. JetFuel Coffee Shop

Address:519 Parliament St, Toronto,

ON M4X 1P3, Canada

Contact Detail: +1 416-968-9982

9. Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Address:416 Front St E, Toronto,

ON M5A 1H7, Canada

Detail:+1 416-583-1461

10. The Black Canary Espresso Bar

Address: 61 Sherbourne St, Toronto,

ON M5A 2P8, Canada

Phone Number: +1 416-301-7633

11. Mos Mos Coffee

Address:517 Richmond St E, Toronto,

ON M5A 2W7, Canada

Contact: +1 437-826-2132

12. Balzac’s Distillery District

Address:1 Trinity St, Toronto,

ON M5A 3C4, Canada

Contact Detail: +1 416-207-1709

There are the 12 best Coffee Shops In Toronto and Near By. You can go to these shops and drink your favorite coffee with snacks. Stay connected with our page for more such information.

Thank You!

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Note: We do not take any guarantee that it is the best. Because everything keeps changing with time.

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