Where to Go Berry Picking in Ottawa and Near Area

Head out to such a local farm for berry selection in Ottawa. It’s the precise summer interest searching for the ripest berries, after which play them in your favored food. Each year is extraordinary, so be sure to test the status of the berries before going. The strawberry season generally starts in mid-June, and the raspberry season generally begins in mid-July.

  1. Proulx Farm

Located in Cumberland, Proulx Farm is a famous vacation spot for berry picking. They provide quite a number of culminationsof, which include strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. Proulx Farm additionally has a market where you can buy freshly picked berries and different neighborhood produce. Their selection page has a number of exquisite info and matters to don’t forget before you head out.

  1. Shouldice Berry Farm

Shouldice Berry Farm is known for its strawberry and raspberry choices. The farm has fields wherein you could walk and pick your berries in 3 places throughout Ottawa. They offer containers for picking. However, you may additionally carry your personal. After your picking journey, go to their marketplace, which offers clean produce. All 3 places are open 7 days every week, together with Canada Day, but take a look at the situations earlier than you head out for their hours.

  1. Miller’s Farm and Market

Located just 5km south of Manotick, Miller’s Farm and Market has been working since 1981, making it a nicely mounted vacation spot for berry selecting. The farm gives a number of berries, consisting of strawberries and raspberries, for site visitors to select and experience.

  1. Rochon Gardens

Just a short force outside the city in Edwards, Rochon Gardens welcomes you to choose your very own berries. Whether you deliver your choosing baskets or choose ones to be had on-website online, get geared up for a fruitful adventure. While you’re there, don’t overlook exploring their great CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) baskets, which supply a first-rate collection of sparkling produce. Rochon Gardens gives a perfect possibility to help neighborhood farming and revel in the bounties of nature.

  1. Avonmore Berry Farm

At Avonmore Berry Farm, a berry-selecting gem in Ottawa, you’ll discover over 20 acres of scrumptious strawberries. Enjoy the juicy enjoy of choosing your strawberries, and don’t miss the approaching raspberry selection in mid-July. With on-website online play regions proposing sandboxes, slides, and swings, it’s the correct spot for family amusement.

Tips to choose the best berry

Once you’ve loved the revel in of berry choosing in Ottawa and feature a basket packed with clean and flavorful berries, there are limitless methods to enjoy them. Here are some ideas on what to make and a way to enjoy your harvest

  • Fresh Berry Parfait

Layer your freshly picked berries with Greek yogurt or whipped cream, and pinnacle it off with granola or a drizzle of honey for a clean and nutritious breakfast or dessert.

  • Berry Jam or Preserves

Preserve the flavors of summer with the aid of making homemade berry jam or preserves. Spread them on toast pancakes, or use them as a filling for pastries to enjoy the flavor of your berries year-round.

  • Berry Smoothies

Blend your berries with a few yogurt, milk, or a dairy-unfastened alternative, together with a hint of honey or maple syrup, for a delightful and nutritious smoothie. Add some ice for a refreshing deal on warm summer days.

  • Berry Cobbler or Crumble

Bake a heat and comforting berry cobbler or collapse by combining your berries with a buttery crumb topping.

  • Berry Salad

Add a burst of freshness to your salads by means of tossing in some freshly picked berries. They pair superbly with leafy veggies, feta cheese, nuts, and a tangy French dressing.

  • Berry Infused Water

Add a handful of berries to a jug of water (or freeze them in ice cubes!) and permit it to infuse for a fresh and flavorful twist on simple water. It’s a brilliant way to live hydrated while taking part in the natural sweetness of the berries.

  • Berry Tarts or Pies

Use your berries to create truffles or pies. Whether you choose a conventional lattice-crowned pie or character fruit-stuffed tarts, the aggregate of flaky crust and juicy berries is sure to be a hit.


Get geared up for a berry-crammed adventure in Ottawa, helping nearby farms and enjoying the most up-to-date flavours of the location. Grab a basket, explore nature’s splendor, and take pleasure in a memorable berry, choosing enjoy that’s simply sweet together with your family.

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