Things to do in Calgary this Weekend

The current month is May, and the weather is summer, which makes it a great time for us to try the best things. Calgary offers the many best things to try in the summer months. A big festival is also coming to town with fun concerts and great family-friendly options. Here are the top things you should try in Calgary this weekend.

  1. Raise a glass at Beerfast 2023

With more than 700 beers, spirits and ciders from over 150 distilleries and breweries to find, you are bound to explore the favourite to raise the glass at international fest 2023.

The largest beer festival in Canada returns to Calgary this week. Food pairing classes, seminars, entertainment, and many beer samples are some of the things you should try this weekend in Calgary. Mostly all tickets are sold out for this.

  1. Spend time with Thomas, the tank engine.

Another thing you should do is Head down to Heritage Park to spend time with Thomas the Tank Engine at this park. In this, you are engaged in an interactive train ride with tank engine Thomas and find the Colour Corner.

You can make a tour of the Historical Village to enjoy the Wago ride and mix it up with lawn play pod games. Moreover, you can also visit the pop-up gift shop and enjoy it a lot.

  1. Enjoy a night with an Earth walk-off.

Walk off Earth Juno Award winner brings a different style to Calgary and promises a great show for people. You will fire in softer this amazing performance that features the best covers and win famous brands and awards on social media.

  1. Go outdoors for a walk and run in Calgary.

Calgary is considered the home of different stunning parks and provides various spots to walk outside in spring. No matter whether you want to visit the urban park or stroll to the river, or head into the forest, you can easily escape Calgary and adopt the amazing running and walking style.

The best thing to visit the whole city is to join the outdoor walk for 2-3 hours. The 2-hour Calgary walk allows you to reserve the exploration now and pay after. It takes you towards downtown Calgary to find the elevated history and walkways. The best places you should see in Calgary are Calgary Village, the old city hall, the municipal plaza, etc.

  1. Escape with Jimmy Buffett to Margaritaville

The features of the musical comedy at famous Jimmy Buffett include the Margaritaville, cheeseburger in Paradise, fis, five o’clock, etc. It was generated by the Emmy award and jimmy buffett, including the Emmy nominee Greg Garcia. You should try this heartwarming musical form this week in Calgary.

  1. Remind of Nickelback at the music centre.

A Nickelback reminder shows fans the many accomplishments of the band. The exhibition of this year features the many instruments used by the band along with some personal items, like behind-the-scenes pictures, footage, etc., that help you to determine the rise and experience of the band as an internationally celebrated rock band.

  1. Enjoy the old tale with a beast and beauty experience.

The beast and beauty experience cocktail is immersive, a journey of fairytale that you never miss in Calgary.┬áThis amazing adventure from the team behind Wonderland Alice is coming to sunny bar cider. It is for a limited time beginning on 24 March. On the basis of Jeanne Marie le Prince Beaumont’s tale, guests bring the interactive experience around who becomes the objects, like talking clocks.

The beauty and beast experience brings the escape room, adventure; theatre shows that blend in all. This event will become challenging for guests to solve games and worth for the efforts that they made. You will be inspired to do this with a drink in your own hand.

  1. Step into Alice fairytale and get a cocktail experience

At Alice, the best Immersive Cocktail Experience you can bring by taking a Step I fairytale. You can easily get the topsy-turvy cocktail adventure by stepping into a fairytale and never forget it. It ensures a memorable experience for you.

It permits things to get excited and curious by making their own Alice in cocktails-inspired wonderland. As same as popular movies and books, the guests get the interactive experience of fantasy and find secrets in croquet, mirrors, and human class matches.

  1. Brings wonder space in Calgary

A new mesmerizing experience is also come to Calgary with creating Wonderspaces in its international debut, Telus Spark. It ensures a long-time experience for guests who come and visit the Telus Spark Science Centre. The best thing is that it features interactive, unique, and best art installations.

  1. Test the skills at potion putt.

If you test your skills at potion putt, it will bring an immersive experience and provide you with the chance to enjoy some golf fun in the winter months also. It is from the same team that brings the same pop-up adventures to Calgary, like the peter pan experience and the cocktail Alice experience.

This golf course is inspired by a popular wizard who is not named because of copyright reasons. There are include the 9 holes to play when you come to bubbling cauldrons with potion putts. It helps the guests to cast the same spells and complete the mystical challenges.

  1. Paint night

Paint Escape in Night provides kids and quality adult painting classes, paint nights, and workshops at events in Calgary areas. Take benefits of small painting groups, studio settings, lighting, etc., with all approaches to creating the best experience.

  1. Fool bodied

Fool-bodied is designed for participants who want to lead their journey into the subconscious course and focus on cultivating play and bringing pleasure. It is a voyage into deep space listening to self and others. A 7-week course in embodied pleasure and possibilities that found the rebellious and transgressive clown energy to break the rules.


Sitting on weekdays or being on the potato couch on Saturday is considered a boring plan. Move out to make memories. You can easily discover the best things to do this weekend in Calgary, artistic love, foodie things, and cycling.

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