A guide to the attractions, Haunted Houses and Ghost Walks in Calgary

Calgary is a flourishing city known for its breathtaking scenery, cultural variety, and thriving entertainment scene. It is located in the Canadian province of Alberta. The city’s enigmatic and eerie past, hidden beneath its contemporary exterior, draws visitors looking for a spine-tingling experience.

Calgary has a variety of frightening and thrilling experiences for thrill-seekers and history buffs alike, including haunted homes that put your courage to the test, interactive attractions that mix the real with the paranormal, and ghost walks that reveal the city’s haunting secrets.

Haunted houses

Haunted Houses

  1. ScreamFest

ScreamFest is Calgary’s finest Halloween celebration for thrill-seekers and fans of all things spooky. With the help of this yearly celebration, Stampede Park is transformed into a sizable playground full of spooky attractions, including haunted houses and scary mazes.

As you make your way through the eerie halls, you will come across gruesome individuals and pulse-pounding scares at every step. For Calgary’s horror fans, ScreamFest is a must-visit location thanks to its realistic locations and outstanding visual effects, which create an atmosphere of pure fright.

  1. The Calgary Ghost House

The Calgary Ghost House is a well-liked haunt for individuals who prefer spine-tingling experiences. This haunted mansion has a long history filled with reports of spectral appearances, eerie footsteps, and unexplained whispering. If you dare, enter and be ready for an exciting experience.

  1. House of Hades

The House of Hades is a haunted house that submerges guests in a terrifying and dark realm, as its name suggests. This attraction provides a really immersive and terrifying experience because of its realistic set designs, animatronics, and professional actors. Be prepared for frights, unsettling noises, and encounters with grotesque creatures


  1. Heritage Park Ghost tours

An unforgettable ghost tour is available in Heritage Park, a charming historical village outside of Calgary, which takes tourists back in time. As dusk sets, the park’s skilled interpreters take visitors on lantern-lit tours of the park’s abandoned buildings and eerie streets.

Each stage explains stories of strange events, enigmatic apparitions, and paranormal encounters that have been reported over the years. Heritage Park Ghost Tours offer an enthralling fusion of history and the paranormal in a setting that is truly historical and filled with spine-tingling tales.

  1. Calgary Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve ever wondered how you would fair in a zombie apocalypse, Calgary Zombie Apocalypse is your opportunity to find out. In the interactive adventure Calgary Zombie Apocalypse, participants must make their way through a post-apocalyptic environment while dodging swarms of zombies. Visitors must plan and cooperate with one another in order to survive, as they only have a few resources and their wits.

  1. Escape Rooms with a Haunted Twist

There are many escape rooms in Calgary that have frightening themes and ghost stories. As you race against time to solve puzzles and solve mysteries in your immediate environment, these immersive challenges put your problem-solving abilities and nerve to the test. These escape rooms offer an exciting and spine-chilling experience, with settings ranging from haunted asylums to spooky mansions.

Ghost walks

  1. Ghost tours in Calgary

The history of the city’s hauntings is explored in a variety of guided walking tours offered by Calgary Ghost Tours. These tours take visitors around Calgary’s downtown while delving into its sinister past under the direction of skilled storytellers.

The excursions bring the city’s ghostly secrets to life by sharing scary tales of haunted hotels, paranormal hotspots, and notorious crime scenes. For those looking to have an encounter with the paranormal, Calgary Ghost Tours delivers an immersive and spine-tingling experience with a focus on historical accuracy and terrifying storytelling.

  1. Inglewood Ghost walks

Inglewood has a reputation for being haunted and is one of Calgary’s older neighborhoods. Join the Inglewood Ghost Walks to learn about the spooky lore and legends connected to this important location. Listen to engrossing tales of restless spirits, haunted homes, and terrible incidents that have left their marks on the neighborhood as you travel through the dimly illuminated streets.

The conclusion

The haunted homes, attractions, and ghost walks in Calgary provide an enthralling voyage into the paranormal. There is something for everyone wanting a taste of the paranormal in Calgary, from historical ghost tours that illuminate the city’s ghostly past to spooky Halloween activities that give thrills and shocks.

These encounters are likely to leave you with lasting memories and a fresh appreciation for the eerie side of this lively Canadian city, whether you believe in the paranormal or just like a good scare. Decide to embrace the unknown and set out on a memorable journey through Calgary’s haunted areas.

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