Will You Pledge Your Love To An Incubus: Main Characters detail

Will You Pledge Your Love to an Incubus,” written by Minato Suzukawa, is a personal fantasy and romance manga that makes a specialty of the supernatural love courting of Akira and Aiden, the two essential leads.

The story explores the nature of human emotion and indicates how it can blur the boundary between truth and myth. Though it is for mature or personal readers, the story has a greater intensity than the name may also recommend.


This Manga’s theme revolves around love and forbidden romance while also weaving together imagination and paranormal factors into an interesting narrative that readers will find engaging.

Meg is grieving the recent lack of her former flame and suffering to come to terms with it. She listens to an internet radio display imparting soothing advice to break out her sorrowful thoughts. However, while sleeping, she reviews an incredible dream wherein she becomes involved with an unknown individual – probably an evil being!

Overview of Plot

The tale is set in Akira and Aiden. While Akira is a lady, Aiden is an incubus, an ethereal creature. Akira and Aiden are alone at the start of the tale. They, by chance, meet and end up close to each other.

It is yet unclear Whether it changed into a twist of fate or if Aiden made it occur. Akira falls head over heels for Aiden. She likes the being concerned, loving, and type nature of Aiden. However, quickly, she begins to suspect Aiden. She got here to realize that her boyfriend was no longer like everyday human beings.

Main characters

Central to the Manga’s narrative are Akira and Aiden, the primary consciousness of the tale. While there are additional characters’ gifts, their roles and impact on the storyline are fantastically minor. Thus, our attention remains on the adventure and reviews of those two key characters.

  • Akira

In the Manga, Akira, a young lady who, to begin with, prefers solitude and avoids romantic entanglements, unknowingly encounters Aiden, an incubus, without understanding his genuine nature. As the tale unfolds, she turns captivated by Aiden’s charm, her emotions shifting suddenly. Over time, she grapples with the revelation that Aiden is far from an ordinary human, leading her into a profound emotional warfare.

  • Aiden

Aiden is an incubus in the tale. Incubus are male demons who experience having sexual intercourse with girls when they’re napping. Aiden comes to Akira‚Äôs existence together with his normal intention of having sex together with her.

It has been said by aiden to akira that he come to take virginity. However, the phrase demon does not suit the characteristics of Akira. He isn’t ruthless like different monsters. Instead, he’s kind and caring and longs for romance; at least, that is what Akira thinks of him.

The real intention or nature of Aiden has yet to be made clear. Whether he’s virtually in love with Akira or he’s just looking to make Akira her sufferer isn’t always clean. The first 3 chapters, which have been published, have yet to give many heritage facts about Aiden.

Is it good to read Manga?

The Manga is an ought-to-study for fable readers who additionally love erotic, romantic, and personal content material in Manga. But you can not and must now not choose the Manga just via its adult content. It has more than that. It has a deep insight into human feelings and feelings.

Do you enjoy reading such memories? Then you have to do this one additionally. Yes, in actual life, maybe incubuses do not exist. No one falls with ethereal characters, possibly. the way in which suzukawa show the emotion presence is appreciated. It has the energy to make you sad for each Aiden and Akira. It surely make you happy if you succeed.


Will You Pledge Your Love to an Incubus is a unique fantasy, romance, adult comedian collection with emotional depth at the side of its erotic moments. You will revel in the comics as they have everything to offer a manga reader. The mysterious man or woman of Aiden and the innocent Akira will take you on a surreal journey wherein reality and myth get blurred.

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