7 Great Art Classes For Kids In Ottawa

The cold iciness days can be quick on sunlight. However, they are long on opportunities for youngsters to interact in a few new activities. Suppose your toddler is in between gymnastic classes, or they just aren’t inquisitive about indoor football in the course of the winter months, or perhaps they are demonstrating an increased hobby in developing artwork. In that case, it is able to be time to check out any such art instructions for this iciness. With studios and classes across Ottawa, your kids could be excited to throw on their smocks, swing their paintbrushes, and explicit themselves all wintry weather long.

  1. Nepean Visual Arts Centre

The City of Ottawa’s Nepean Visual Arts Centre in Nepean welcomes children, young adults (and adults) into their specific art workshops and classes. If your infant has a knack for drawing and painting, they’ll likely enjoy the NVAC’s blended media classes. There’s even a caricature and comics drawing class for kids elderly 9-12 to be able to convey to life their comic characters. Teachers are proficient artists themselves and have an awful lot to bypass alongside the kids.

  1. Ottawa School of Art

With campuses in Ottawa (downtown and in Orleans), the Ottawa School of Art instructions will accelerate your infant’s love of artwork regardless of their skill stage. These packages are a top-notch manner for children to retain to increase their art revel. These precise instructions for children and teenagers consist of cartooning, painting, artwork, and structure.

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  1. Monart

The Monart School in Ottawa is placed on St. Laurent Blvd and offers training 12 months round. We love the opportunity for even our younger children, elderly three and 4, to begin getting to know about art. The Step Ahead elegance will introduce them to visual elements, sensory play, and crafting. The Getting Ready elegance for a while, four will start to use watercolors and pastels to create artwork. Older students can learn how to draw or similarly broaden their portfolio for additional research.

  1. Young Rembrandts

Young Rembrandt packages are supplied across the metropolis and welcome registration, but they can also offer after-school lessons through your school. (bookmark this site for your subsequent college council meeting if this is of interest to you!) Classes vary from essential drawing to caricature drawing.

  1. Tracy’s art studio

If you stay in or around Stittsville, Tracy’s Art Studio gives training and workshops (such as PD Day workshops) for youngsters. We love that classes are presented weekly for a prolonged period (in preference to a constrained 6 or 8 weeks) because kids can construct their abilities week to week and substantially see their improvement. At the end of the term in June, there’s even a category art show wherein they are able to proudly show off their portfolio.

  1. Beehive studio

From youngsters age 2 all of the way up to youngsters in Grade 10, Beehive Studio offers weekly art lessons with the purpose of engaging the creative side of your baby. The Mini Maker’s artwork application for our littlest youngsters is, in all likelihood, messy and, of path, lots of fun. At the same time, older youngsters can also want to attempt their arms at blended media or summary acrylic pouring art. Classes are placed in the Wellington West place.

  1. National Gallery

Not only can you take the children to experience, discover, and learn about the artwork at the National Gallery of Canada, but you can also let them get their fingers on the Artissimo Studio as they create their artwork. Each month, there’s a new topic to be explored, and the theme is linked to artwork in the National Gallery. Families are invited to drop in on weekends to take part in the program between 10 a.m. and 4 pm. Materials and smocks are furnished. The mini-workshop is covered in your Museum admission too!


Whether you need informed or uninstructed drawing classes, you can find them all here in Ottawa. You also have the choice to select between long-time period instructions or simply one-day workshops – depending on what works first-class with your agenda. Don’t be shy to try out those instructions and hone your talents.

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