10 Best Beaches in Ontario

An Ocean breeze is a favorite for people due to relaxation and peace of their mind.  People like to spend their days on the beach. Nowadays, people are busy all time and engage themselves in stressed work. To take escape from the hustles and bustle of their life, they like to go to the beach and spend some relaxed time there.

Nothing can bring more happiness and a relaxed environment than the beach. The fourth and backflow of tide-pulled waters are soothing to the soul. If you want to gain happiness and health, then you should take your towel and go to the beach in Ontario, Canada. There are many beaches in Ontario that give you the exact place of adventure.

Read more to know about the 10 best beaches in Ontario.

1. Sauble beach

Sauble beach
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Sauble Beach is located in the town of south bruce peninsula, close to Owen sound city. It provides an amazing spot to rejuvenate the soft waves in the lap of warm water.  People from all over the world come to this beach to relax there with their families.

2. Port Stanley beach

Port Stanley beach
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Port Stanley Beach is situated in Port Stanley. You will be mesmerized by astonishing stones of various varieties there. This beach has a number of lifeguards and perfect waves of this, the beach makes the reason why people attract to this beach.

3. Grand bend beach

Grand bend beach
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If you want to relax at the top beach in Ontario on weekends, then you should go to grand bend beach. It is a blend of modern and class beach towns that attract the souls of all bachelors. Grand Bend Beach earned a lot of reputation by gaining blue flag status for strict water quality and safety rules. It is the best beach for families or adventure enthusiasts.

4. Mille Roches beach

Mille Roches beach
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Mille Roches is another largest beaches in Ontario. The serene beauty and vibe of this beach made it the best beach for people to come and relax there.  The picnic area and beach area feature the water sports like boards, kayaking, canoes, and beach volleyball.

5. Old women bay

Old women bay
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Old Woman Bay is located in the northern corner of the superior lake.  When you make look at the horizon, you see the old women’s faces within 200 meters of the cliff stands. It is the best place that provides you the beautiful sightseeing, picnic spots, and fishing opportunities.  It is the best place for you to come on a family trip.

6. Sandy beach

Sandy beach
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Sandy Beach is situated within the city of thunder bay, which makes this beach a gem of the world.  The best coastline, scenic beauty and sandy shores of this beach are considered icing on the cake. The to-and-forth waves flow not only gives calmness to people but also bring enhancement and charm to people.

7. Lake Marie Louise

Lake Marie Louise
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This beach falls under the category of northwestern beaches in Ontario. It is a beautiful sandy beach that is located in a marvelous place. You may be engaged in playing volleyball at this beach and add spunk to beauty.

8. Sandbanks provincial park

Sandbanks provincial park
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Sandbanks Provincial Park is another best beaches in Ontario. It is considered the largest baymouth barrier dune formation in the world that expands into three beaches.  The soft sands delves and blue crystal waters made you enjoy all the time at this beach.  The amazing walking trails of this beach permit you to experience the wetland habitats and dunes.

9. Port Burwell municipal beach

Port Burwell municipal beach
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If you want to catch the abundance of sun rays, then you should go to Port Burwell Municipal Beach. Usually, all the beaches in Ontario provide you with an excess amount of relaxation and fun, but nothing is more best than the soothing waves sound at this beach.

10. Canatara beach

Canatara beach
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This beach is located near the mouth of the St. Clair River, which provides you with a number of activities to enjoy there.  The crystal clear waters here are fitted best for swimming. The unique beauty of this beach hosts many options, including the Choo train and BMX trails.


It is time to go to the beach and enjoys the beauty of the surrounding there. Whether you are a resident of Ontario or going there on vacation, you should go to these beaches and feel warm sand sugar between your toes.

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