Best Sunset Viewing Spots in Toronto

Toronto is renowned for its lively streets, mouthwatering food, and rich culture. However, it also has some of Canada’s most beautiful sunsets. We’ve compiled the top seven locations in Toronto for watching sunsets, whether you’re a photographer, a lover, or just a fan of the outdoors. So take a seat back, unwind, and let’s both enjoy the breathtaking views.

  1. Ontario Place

Ontario Park is an entertainment place and park in Toronto. It is the best place for you to watch the sunset. A walking trail sticks to a lake on Toronto’s west side. You can relax, sit there, watch the sunset over Ontario Lake, and reflect the orange and bright red lights on Toronto skylines.

  1. Riverdale park

Riverdale Park is a huge park that gives you access to various amenities like running tracks, tennis courts, swimming pools, ice rinks, etc. It is considered a prime spot for tobogganing during winter. This park is the best place to visit to watch the crimson sunset, where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city by sitting on a grass hill. It is suggested not to forget to carry a blanket with you while visiting this spot in Toronto. If you do not want to breeze from the lakeside while doing sunset watching, then it is the perfect place for you.

Sunset Viewing

  1. Toronto island

If you come to Toronto for summer events and activities or want to watch the sunset, Toronto Island is the best spot. The location of Toronto Island is Lake Ontario, where you can enjoy the 13-minute ferry ride by downtown Toronto through Jack Layton ferry terminal. It is the best place to visit even in winter, but it is suggested to watch the sunset in summer to get the best experience.

  1. Humber Bay park

Humber Bay Park is a natural lakeside park that is situated along the shores of Ontario Lake. It gives you various amenities like beachfront, picnic areas, and trails for walking and cycling. You can surely admire yourself from the edge of the water there. It also gives you access to the Toronto skyline and beautiful scenery, along with the option to view the sunset. The best thing is that you can find wildlife here, which adds the overall beauty to your experience.

  1. Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park is a waterfront park on Leslie Street in downtown Toronto. The land on which it is constructed is man-made, entirely. These features make it a unique spot in Toronto because it has a large field that expands in Ontario Lake. Tommy Thomspon Park is the best place to run, ride, and walk, but it is good to experience nature. Due to this, it is considered as home to wildlife variety.

Sunset Viewing Spots in Toronto

  1. HTO park

The HTO park in Toronto is referred to as an urban beach that was established in 2007. It is on the west side of the harbourfront center, Ontario Lake. It is a waterfront park that you should visit in summer. Since it is situated near streetcars and Union Station, it is accessible to people in Toronto. In summer, the sunset view of this spot is amazing, and it also makes it easier for visitors to sit there in chairs and enjoy the view of the sandy beach.

  1. Bluffers Park and Beach

Buffer Park is the best place to watch the sunset in Scarborough because it has picnic spaces, a sandy beach, a strolling area, magnificent terrain, and a boat launch. The location of this spot lies at Brimley Road bottom and is bound north by bluffs of Scarborough. The best thing about this bluffer park is that the beautiful natural scenes surround it. There are many huge sorted rocks, soft land, and beach waves here that bring a good experience for you.


Whether you’re looking for a romantic spot for a date, a place to capture stunning photographs, or just somewhere to relax and take in the beauty of nature, Toronto has plenty of amazing sunset viewing spots to choose from. From the Toronto Islands to the CN Tower, each of these spots offers a unique vantage point to watch the sun go down. So the next time you’re in Toronto, make sure to check out one (or all) of these incredible sunset viewing spots.

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