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Top 7 Bath Towel Brands In Canada

Bath towels are the important household items that human beings must have. In today’s market, there are many luxurious bath towels available for people that make their showering routine much better. It is good to invest in a comfortable bath towel because it makes you feel better instantly after a hot shower after a hectic day. If we talk about the Canadian market, there are many of the best bath towel brands available in Canada.

As there are many bath towel brands available in Canada, it is tough for people to find the best ones. To make it easier, here we list the top 7 bath towel brands in Canada from where you can buy luxurious bath towels.

Silk & Snow Terry Bath Towels

The Silk & Snow Terry Bath Towels are one of the best bathtub towels in Canada for 2023, specifically when you remember the host of choices they provide. These bath towels are to be had in the best ‘feel’ options, inclusive of Plush and Classic. The Plush model is particularly thick and snug, with longer terry loops than the Classic version. These fluffy towels are mild to your skin and absorbent, with a GSM of around 750.

Glamburg Ultra Soft 8-Piece Towel Set

The Glamburg Ultra Soft 8-Piece Towel Set is also considered for frequent use and washing. This long-lasting ring-spun cotton set can rise to whatever you throw at it. Instead of falling aside or lowering sturdiness because of frequent use, these towels will keep you going as long as you need them.

They are made with 100% natural ring-spun cotton, which makes them extraordinarily absorbent. They have a conventional feel, which simply gets softer each time you wash them. Taking care of the towels is simple; you can wash them in bloodless water and tumble dry them on low. After the primary wash, you’ll immediately notice a difference in softness.

Takasa Bath Towel Set

For Canadians who value Fairtrade and eco-conscious products, Taska’s Organic and Fairtrade Cotton Bath Towel Set is an excellent choice. This smooth and steeply-priced towel set is made from 100% natural cotton and is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) licensed. Ethically made in India, the Fairtrade certification ensures all Takasa’s makers at every step of the supply chain are reaching sustainable livelihoods. Each tub towel set saves 487 days of consuming water, avoids 8 miles of emissions, and a 145 sq. Ft of land is well known without pesticides.

Utopia Towels Set

The Utopia Towels Set provides an entire set of high-quality bath towels in Canada. This is enough to get an amazing start to your linen closet without breaking the financial institution. You can choose from 15 exceptional shade alternatives, too – these include brighter oranges, blues, pinks, purples, and impartial colours like white, brown, beige, and grey.

Silk & Snow Turkish Towel

The Silk & Snow Turkish Towel set functions 4 specific portions, which can be purchased one at a time. These consist of a washcloth, hand towel, bathtub towel, and tub sheet. Each piece comes in your choice of 6  understated patterns, which encompass softer shades and one-of-a-kind versions of a pinstriped design. Each alternative can appear extraordinary in any traditional lavatory. If you want the whole set at one price, bear in mind deciding on certainly one of Silk & Snow’s Turkish Towel bundles. These bundles assist you to personalize the towels you get hold of to your set.

Utopia Towels Luxurious Jumbo Bath Towels

The Utopia Towels Luxurious Jumbo Bath Towels provide a luxurious drying experience in a massive size. There are 2 towels protected inside the set, both of equal length: a jumbo bathtub sheet towel and an additional large bathtub towel. Both are crafted from 100% ring-spun cotton, with a stylish design that is additionally functional. These towels are rather absorbent, offering brief drying.

Utopia Towels Premium Hand Towels

The Utopia Towels Premium Hand Towels is a hard and fast mass of hand towels that can be at home in any Canadian toilet, whether for visitors or private use. These towels are made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton, making them ultra-soft and exceedingly absorbent. The towels are mild on the skin and might match Canadians’ sensitivities. This pleasant set feels very soft. The towels are designed for sturdiness and may be enjoyed for an extended time.

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