13 Best Birthday Freebies In Canada

Do you want to buy the birthday freebies in Canada? Today, there are many retailers that provide you with free birthday stuff since it will mean potential and loyalty of increasing sales.

Many restaurants in Canada provide free meals on the birthdays of clients. It is convenient if you choose a local store to buy the birthday freebies. This article is written on the 13 best birthday freebies in Canada.

  1. The Alley

The Alley is a famous bubble tea shop located in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Even though this spot is not advertised, it still provides a free coupon to clients when they login to the app and book free bubble tea on their birthday.

  1. Arby

Arby’s is considered the newsletter that permits you to enter on your birthday. It does not specify that you get all things free on your birthday. It is determined that there are many clients that get free stuff, including cookies and shakes coupons with purchases from Arby.

  1. Applebee

Applebee is the best location in Canada, from where you get the free stuff on your birthday. It is the best place for you to visit with your family. When you sign up here for e-club, you get the free coupon and receive the appetizer. It is the best gift for your birthday. Along with this, you will also get free entry when buying other entries at the same price.

  1. Baskin- Robbins

Ice cream lovers must sign up at Baskin Robbin, club 31, because it gives a chance to them get a free scoop on their birthday. This free scoop you only get if you buy the soft serve cone from this restaurant. Visiting this place is the best way to get discounts on birthday stuff and feed up your family properly.

  1. Boston Pizza

Visiting Boston Pizza provides you the free dessert on your birthday. It is a good deal for clients. You will also get the starter when you visit this restaurant, with the 2 topping individual pizzas on the anniversary and bread. The best thing is that this restaurant also provides you the free delivery of freebies on your first order.

Birthday Freebies In Canada

  1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is a famous brand that opens many restaurants all over the country. You can visit this restaurant and get the rewards on your birthday. What you get for free depends on the tier, but the basic reward is a chocolate chunk brownie or cookie.

  1. Cora

Cora is a famous breakfast place that has multiple locations in the country. You get the birthday gift in the form of $5 off on a meal that you ordered from it. But you can only avail of this offer by visiting this restaurant, not by sight. The best thing is that you can also join the loyalty program of Cora and get the 3X on your birthday.

  1. David tea

Even though there are few locations of David tea, you get the free 5 points on your birthday. To become eligible for the freebies, you should become a member of the STEEPER free program. Once you get the 100 points, you get the free 50g bag of which free tea consists.

  1. Denny

Denny is the place where you can get or build the free grand slam breakfast. It gives you the best offer on dinner on your birthday if you show your valid picture ID to them. Never lie on your birthday date because you can only get this offer on the actual date of your birthday.

  1. DQ

The people who become DQ members get a free birthday. It applies to your order and how much big it is. You can also share the birthday freebies with others that you get from this restaurant in Canada.

  1. IHOP

IHOP has some locations in Canada that provide you with freebies on birthdays. You get free delicious pancakes here when you visit this restaurant and join the loyalty program. Moreover, all the pancakes you get from IHOP are free on your birthday.

  1. Harvey

There are many burger birthday freebies provided by Harvey to the birthday persons. If you join the program of Harvey, you get a special birthday gift from here. Some clients have already reviewed that they get free burgers and pies if they purchase burgers from this place.

  1. Jack Astor

When you visit Jack Astor’s, you get the best rewards in the form of a free dessert on your birthday. The rewards you get are also shown on their app, and they remain valid for 90 days from the date of your birthday.


The complete list of the best birthday freebies in Canada is focused on food, but there are many free or discounted things available here you get. So, it is suggested to search on retailers and choose one that provides you with free stuff on your birthday.

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